Valentine’s Day Games

I’m thrilled to welcome Lisa today.  She is a guest blogger and party planner who knows how to throw everything from a nautically themed bachelorette party to a Super Mario birthday party.

Fall In Love With These Games On Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. From the candy to the outrageously public displays of affection, I just can’t get enough of Feb. 14th.  Maybe that’s why I enjoy hosting Valentine’s Day parties so much.  I usually like to have a few couples over and we play a game and have some drinks. These same ideas will work great whether you’re entertaining a group of 30-somethings or some children who are just developing their first crushes.

Valentine’s Bingo

What You Need: Heart-Shaped Bingo Cards, Valentine’s Day candies to use as markers (I like using the little Valentine’s Hearts with cheesy pick up lines on them) and prizes (candy is usually a good prize for kiddoes. If your audience is older, ask them to each bring a $10 item that can be given away as a prize).

Come up with a Valentine’s-inspired theme like Cupid and Arrows and use that as the template for your bingo cards. Write H-E-A-R-T across the top and fill in each square with words like love, chocolate, romance, candy, flowers, kiss, and hug. Take each letter and put it in a hat and do the same thing with the words, but put them in a separate hat.

Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt

For this game you’ll need paper, scissors, a marker and some sort of prize for the winning team. You’ll also need a partner in creating this game. Cut two hearts out of construction paper and write a message on it that covers nearly the entire heart. Something cutesy like “Valentine’s Day Is Best Spent With The Ones You Love” will work. Then cut up the hearts into the same number of pieces. Scatter these pieces all over the house (you scatter your pieces and your partner scatters the others, but make sure you don’t reveal where the pieces are hidden to your partner). Also include hints about how to find the next piece at each location. Once the guests arrive, divide them up into two evenly numbered teams and set off on the hunt. The first team who finds all the pieces and decodes the message on their heart wins the prize.

Thank you Lisa!


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