Tracie’s Updated Kitchen

My daughter, Tracie, and her family (husband and 4 boys) moved into a new home a few weeks ago.  She wanted to do an update to her kitchen and of course I volunteered!

I headed to Sacramento for a little bit of DIY happiness… we had a great time.  A lot of work, but a lot of fun.

This is what it looked like when I arrived on Monday…

and this is what it looked like on Thursday evening…

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We had a chandelier in our garage that had been removed from one of our apartments.  I spray painted it black and purchased a ceiling medallion and spray painted that black  too. Curtains were made for the dining room and the kitchen.

The walls were painted with Valspar’s Bella Mint.  Gorgeous color!  So fresh and clean looking.

A new mat was purchased for the kitchen sink and I found the fork, knife and spoon at Hobby Lobby – 50% off.

  I had some plates that I have had for years.  I made some fun silhouettes using my Cameo Silhouette and put them on the plates.

I need to insert here… I’m not afraid of it anymore!!!!

Here’s a close up of the silhouette plates.  These were so much fun to make.

We hung the plates using the Disc Hangers.  These are amazing.  I was able to cut them to fit the plates and “go around the bumps”.  They are very easy to apply to the plates and hang.  I purchased the Disc Hangers at Hobby Lobby.  I found them in the picture hanging department

Here is a close up of the medallion.  It really made an impact in the room.

This picture makes the chandelier look crooked, but I promise you it’s not!!!

I made her a big bulletin board.  See the chalk holder on the bottom right hand corner? Just an upside down handle pull.
We didn’t have any chalk at the time to put in it!
A small detail that was forgotten :-).

We also made a bulletin board that we put in the  hallway.  Ugh, looks like a ribbon slipped on the right hand side…. that stuff drives me crazy to look at.  I guess I’ll head back to Sacramento (3 hour drive) to fix it ASAP!!! ha!  You have know idea how tempting it is for me to do that in order to make this bulletin board perfect.  I’m a sick woman…..

I repainted and distressed their old kitchen bench.  I didn’t even sand it down OR prime it.  I used a paint called “Caromal Colours” in Peppercorn, with their toner over the top and then waxed it.  Love this stuff.  Perfect shade of black and SO easy to use.

So what do you think?  Tracie and Brandon love it and the boys say, “It starting to look like Nana’s house”… which I’m taking as a compliment!

Here are some pics that were going on in the sidelines all week…..


 Be sure you come back tomorrow night  – I’ll have Highlights from #22 Link Party posted and #23 Link Party will begin!

Amy Jean from Obsessive Craft Disorder won the Nest of Posies Monogrammed Bag!

Until tomorrow….


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  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW you really rocked this project my friend!!!! everything Looks fabulous! thanks for sharing this with us all!!!! your daughter has to be incredibly happy!!!! you must feel wonderful! AWESOME JOB!!!!! hugs…

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL job you two did together. I am sure Tracie appreciates all your help. You have a wonderful daughter with a HUGE heart for all she does and all those that she has helped in our organization over the years. There is no one more deserving than her for a kitchen make over!!! I can see that a LOT of MOM LOVE went into this project!!! KUDOS to you!

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