The Schluter Shower System

Can you say that 3 times really fast????

It’s okay to admit this is kinda boring.  I think it’s kinda boring too, BUT it’s worth the mention.  So many of us are re-doing our bathroom showers.  The Schluter Shower System (SSS) is a do-able DIY project.  You don’t have to hire a sub-contractor to build a mortar bed and hot mop or a liner.  The SSS is a lot like hanging wallpaper.  The membrane is hung and glued with unmodified (no adhesive) mortar.  If it’s done properly, it is totally waterproof.  My husband has put these in our rental properties and we have had absolutely no problems.  We purchased ours from a floor/tile company in town.  But, they can be purchased on the internet

1st Step (after demoing the shower): Hang the water resistant dry wall aka “purple board” and apply a thick layer of mortar (unmodified).










2nd Step: Apply the orange membrane and work out the bubbles (just like wallpaper!)



3rd Step: Mortar on the seals (these go over the shower spigot and the shower valve).

4th Step: Place the styro foam drain into the drain hole.  Measure the left and right side of the shower pan and cut the styro foam to fit.  You can see that they fit together like a puzzle.  Next measure the front of the shower pan and cut the shower curb to fit.

5th Step: Apply the orange membrane to the shower pan and shower curb with the mortar just like you did to the shower walls.










6th Step: Seal the corners with a corner seal (I didn’t get a pic) which makes it completely water tight.

At this point, you would be ready to tile right on top of the orange membrane (the above picture shows the cement board already in). BUT, I wanted an edge on the shower, so we put up 1/2 inch cement board over the orange membrane with mortar and then screwed in the cement wall boards.

Tomorrow, I’m painting the walls in the bathroom.  Here are my choices.  I’m going with the middle one.  Warm, but neutral.  I’ll have a lot going on with the tile design in this small bathroom!










Here is my tile “layout”.  Not a great pic.  Didn’t have my new fancy, shmancy camera at the time.  The black/white check is the shower floor, green/black, then white/green, then green/black again.  Haven’t decided on what color (probably black) to do the edges in.

Brandon will be here on Friday to tile the shower and laundry room/bath floor.  I still haven’t found a vanity I like.  Oh well, who needs a sink anyway????

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  1. Uggg, bathroom renos are hard to deal with. We have some more renos to do soon. Our kitchen needs to be replaced, but we keep on picking other projects to work on that are easier and less crazy! 🙂

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

    • It’s definitely not fun. Creates so much dust! It’s one of those things… “it’s gotta get worse before it gets better!”

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