Holiday Boutique Was A Success!

Whew! My BFF and I have been painting and sanding and collecting, and moving, and arranging, and waxing…since July. We participated in a HUGE boutique yesterday at our church and Friday night we held a “Sneak Peek” Boutique for our friends…and I have to report, it was a HUGE success! We sold a TON of stuff! We sold about 3/4 of our inventory. People  were asking us if we had a store! It’s a definite dream…who knows.

Thought I’d share a few pictures with you so you can see all the good stuff!  Have to stress here also that EVERYTHING you see is from a thrift store or a garage sale (except the fabric on the chair and ottoman).

Here is a vignette we put together outside.  It was very random.  We were crazy with needing a break and doing something “fun”.  We thought it turned out pretty good!

The shade is a bit small on the lamp, but like I said, we were just grabbing things from the garage that were done.

This is just a fraction of our chalkboards!  We sold several BIG ones before the Sneak Peek Boutique even got started.
We sold some frames without a chalkboard and received several orders.

This bird cage turned out so nice, in fact it sold before the boutique also.

Wouldn’t you know it…I got a BLURRY picture.  Ugh.

These are some of our bowls that we did.  These are amazing in real life!

Love the black one.  I wanted to keep this, so I put a high price on it….it sold :-(.

We made a ton of these plates.  The cloche’s really dress them up!

I love cloches….love them so much I even did a whole post on them.  You can click here to read it.

This is all of our pink stuff.  BUT, you can’t tell they are a dark pink in this picture!

All of it sold, except for the lamp…which I wanted to paint black anyway!
The blue mason jars have rock salt in them with tea lights.
They turned out so cute.  Great gift idea!
The shade is not from a thrift store.  It would be very easy to make using burlap.

Here is Mia, our sidekick.  She was happy in her “bucket” watching all of the work going on!
Oh Miss Mia.  I ♥ you so much.

This picture doesn’t do these items justice.  They are a gorgeous red and vintage blue!

All of this sold.

A cozy vignette.  Vintage blue is the new black!

All was sold except the table.

Here is a picture of our booth all set up for the boutique at the church.  Doors hadn’t opened yet.

Wish I had thought to take a picture afterward.  Hardly anything was left.

Here I am in all my glory.  No make up and in paint clothes after a LOOONG day of working.

My BFF, had to safety pin my “to do list” to my shirt.
I kept losing it and forgetting
what I was suppose to bring and buy for the next day!!!

We had so much fun, but we are exhausted.  I feel like I was in a rock fight and I lost!!!!!

We still have some fun parties going on…please link up and spread the word.

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  1. Congrats on your success! The items look great! 🙂

  2. Congrats, so glad everything went well!!!!! It is all so beautiful, great job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Your stuff looks FanTastic!
    I LUV that black lamp—great job on the distressing!

  4. so glad the boutique was a success!!
    wish I could have shopped it!!

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