Spring Pretzel Nests


Hello Everyone!
Spring is here and I am ready for it!
I’m ready for the sun to shine, for the  birds to chirp and the flowers to bloom.

The other day the boys and I stumbled upon an empty bird’s nest.  My 3 year old got the biggest kick out of it and was so sad that there were no eggs in it.

As I was cleaning out my car a few days later (swearing that the kids were never going to be allowed to eat in my car again) I found my 7 year old’s stash of sticks and left over pretzel sticks strewn across the backseat.  Looking at the combo gave me a great idea! A PRETZEL NEST!!!  I know what you’re thinking… this lady gets her inspiration from some pretty crazy places! 🙂

My first thought was, “How am I going to get the pretzels to stick together?”  I am a pro at Rice Krispy Treats.. what choice do I have when my kids sign me up for bake sales at school and don’t tell me until the morning of?!  So butter and marshmallows it was.

I began by heating up the butter and melting the marshmallows.

But instead of Rice Krispies, I added a bag of pretzel sticks.

I lined a cereal bowl with wax paper, sprayed the wax paper with non-stick spray and spooned in my mixture.  I sprayed a spoon with nonstick spray and made a little nest shape.  Then, I let it cool.

If you want to make a chocolate nest, melt some baking chocolate and dip the whole nest into it and set it on wax paper until it sets.  They aren’t as pretty as the plain nests, but boy do they taste good!

I added some chocolate candy eggs and a little chocolate duck.   My three year old loved it.  He said, “Mommy, my chocolate duck laid chocolate eggs!’

I think it turned out pretty cute and the boys loved them!

Pretzel Nests

3 Tablespoon butter
1 bag of large marshmallows

Mix with:
1 bag pretzel sticks

Makes 4 large nests.

Thanks Mandy for having me!! Hope everyone has a great week!!


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  1. only a creative mind would look at trash and think of a fun project.
    I’m coming over for some delicious nests and eggs…aren’t those Cadbuy pastel eggs evilly addictive?

  2. I love this idea. The nests are so cute. I bet my daughter would love making these!
    Jessica recently posted..Sculpey Easter Tree OrnamentsMy Profile

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