Spring Bucket List



First off , I owe everyone a big apology!!

I have been MIA for a while now and I am just going to be truthful… I have been

Winter does that to me. I hate winter!!
I just want to curl up and do nothing, which is not good when you have
a house full of boys!

Remind me next winter to plan lots of projects at the beginning of winter to help me survive the January- March blues.

Now that the sun is back out, I am coming out of my cocoon
and looking around.
Boy, how could I let everything get so unorganized??
Everything is a mess!

Mission for spring:
clean and clean,
organize, and organize!

The boys have really been enjoying the Bucket Lists that I have been making for each season, so I decided to make a fun, little Spring Bucket.   I got the pail at the Dollar Spot and just used my clothes pins. On one side of the clothespin I wrote what we wanted to accomplish, and on the other side I wrote, “We did it.”

Here are some of the ideas that we are going to be doing this Spring:

Go on a picnic
Plant flowers
Ride on a bike trail
Berry picking
Spring scavenger hunt
Make a kite
Fly a kite
Feed the ducks
Beach day
Make a bird feeder
Bubble fun
Make pinwheels

What are you doing for the remainder of Spring?

If you have any fun ideas I would love to hear them!

Thanks Mandy for having me!

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