Save the Ta-Tas

My blogging friend Amy, from The Salvage Collection,  just continues to amaze me with her talent! She has this way of making something into a work of art! When I picture a pink frame with a Breast Cancer Awareness “theme”, it definitely isn’t like this!!! OMGoodness, I absolutely love this…the gold, the saying, and not to mention the amazing background…(can you tell I’m a little excited…look at all the (!)!

BUT, bloggin’ friends, this isn’t the best part…the best part is her post.  OMGoodness (yes, I said this AGAIN), it will crack you up! She has this way of just sayin’ it like it is.  I simply love that about her.

So, don’t waste another minute….click HERE and see what Amy has to say about the urgency of a MAMMOGRAM.  It will make your day and I pray that if you haven’t made that phone call for your Mammogram…YOU DO IT TODAY!!!

Be sure to leave Amy a comment – she, like the rest of us, LOVES A COMMENT!!!

P.S. this is soooo getting pinned on my Pinterest PINK Board.

Thank you Amy – YOU ARE FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!

I keep meaning to add to this to my posts:

Ladies with daughters, PLEASE set the example for them! I text all my girl’s…“Heading to get my yearly mammogram” every time I go.  I know they think I’m looney, but they will think about it when the doctor tells them that it’s time to start scheduling their mammograms.

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  1. Mandy, thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for introducing Amy. I’ve been so busy, I keep forgetting to have my “ta-tas” checked….

    • Make yourself AND YOUR FAMILY a promise and make your appointment ASAP. I’m going to ask you next week if you made your appointment :-).

  2. You’ve inspired me to spread the word about checking your ta-tas! Just posted the Hope Scarf:

    I’ve enjoyed your 31 day commitment 🙂

  3. Great post Mandy.


  4. you are too flippin’ much! really. you are! of course, you would text your girls on your way to your mammogram….that’s why i like you!!!

    thanks for the kudos….but mostly for the INSPIRATION!

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