Gotta give a “shout out” to Ange at the Blooming Hydrangea for putting together an amazing event – ROOMSPIRATION!  I cannot wait until Monday to see all the room inspirations… you won’t want to miss these so mark your calendars.

In case you don’t recognize the woman in the picture…It’s me. Didn’t recognize me from the back…did ya????  Such a cute picture.  I wonder where she is going? Her little suite cases all matching.  I would not want to be sitting in the car, no a/c in that netting….sweating…..(ha! poet didn’t know it)….


Yup, getting ready to head on a party bus with a group of senior citizens (my Mom talked me into going) to Laughlin, Nevada! Whoohoo!  A little bit of heat, dust, money dropping and buffets is what I’m looking forward to …. oh yea, and BINGO on the bus!  Ha! The 5 hr. ride on the bus part isn’t my cup of tea…BUT, being with my Mom and making memories is something that I will remember forever.

I will have my laptop and will be keeping up with all the news and linky parties.  If all goes right, I will be posting a few blogs I have in my back pocket :-).

I pray that everyone has a safe, enjoyable weekend.


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  1. Mandy,
    Thanks for the shout out! Can’t wait to see what everyone links up in the next few weeks. Have fun in Nevada with your mom, making memories and bonding!

  2. Okay Mandy….I have three (YES, THREE) antique oak dressers I need to do something with. They are in perfect condition, and I have stripped them of their 50 year old paint. They are all sitting in various places throughout my house patienting waiting for an up-do, but I have absolutely no ideas. Can you throw out a suggestion or two???
    Karen 🙂

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