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Hello friends and family!

Forgive me for being absent for so long… just got back into the country on Monday and have been playing a little bit of catch up.  Fall decor is down and boxed up.  Tonight the Christmas decorations will be hauled out of the attic and unpacked.

While I was gone, I received two emails from a fellow blogger demanding that I remove my “Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial” from my blog.  She had posted the instructions 2 years ago (I posted mine last year).  This year she has decided to sell the templates so I  need to remove my instructions.  She believes that she is the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who has come up with the method of making the template, using the tack/pencil/strip idea.  In my defense, my Mom and I made a Christmas Tree Skirt years ago using this method.  You can also use a piece of yarn or string (similar to a plumb line) and you will get the same outcome.

Since being home, I have received a threatening certified letter from her attorney.  I would love to be as catty, malicious, and ridiculous as my fellow blogger, but after a few days of praying, I’ve decided to take the high road and remove the instructions to making my Cone Christmas Tree.  My blog is not about making money, being the first in blog land to come up with an idea, or compete with other blogs.  I do it for the enjoyment of sharing and meeting other wonderful bloggers.  I just don’t want to be bullied.  My husband was ready to go toe-to-toe with the attorney, fly us to Texas if need be… is it really worth it though?  I mean, seriously?  That’s the world we live in today folks.  I’ve decided to not take part in this behavior.  It feels very freeing and I’m proud of myself!

If you are interested in making your own fun Cone Tree, please email me and I’d be happy to share my version of making them.  Just click on the envelope on the top, right hand-side of the column or click on the frame above that says, “Contact Me”.

I made 2 different sets of christmas trees.  They are so easy and fun!

The above trees are not setting on a candlestick/pedestal.

Below are the ones that I put on candlesticks (pedestals).
The embellishment on the top is a button that I found at Hancock Fabrics.

 ♥Challenging you to take the high road today!♥


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  1. I’ve also made “cone trees” using Japanese paper. I got the idea from something I saw in a shop window. In other words, it’s pretty common this time of year, and what this person asked you to do is absurd. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to go through this. Some people are just unbelievable!

  2. Mandy,
    I am a New subscriber to your Blog via email. I am Proud of you not wasting your Money on Legal Fees. I would bet that this other Blogger is unaware that this method was Pattened through the US Govt a long time ago by a Company most Sewers are very familiar with. Even today it is offered for Sale Online and in Fabric Stores. The Buyer of “her” Templates needs to do her homework!!

    Proud of you!!
    Nancy recently posted..Red~White~Blue Blog Hop & Give AwayMy Profile

  3. Seriously?! That makes me irritated hearing about another blogger being threatening. I’m sure I’d she just look at Pinterest she would see the mass of people making similar things! I think you should have kept your instructions there, honestly. The only infringement rights would have been if you were using her material and it was copyrighted material. But I’m sure it wasn’t. And I think she was just trying to scare you with sending a fake attorney letter. Anything can look authentic if you add the right credentials! Anyhow, cute idea on the poster board trees! 😉

    Thrift Diving
    Serena @ Thrif Diving recently posted..Cheap Gift Ideas!My Profile

  4. I would love the directions! Thank you!

  5. Wow wow wow!! That’s really a shame. She spending a lot of money and energy on this. Hope it’s worth it to her to create so much ill will.

    Love the black and white cone trees – so classy!

  6. That is absolutely ridiculous! I would put it back up and then let everyone know who she is so they can tell her how ridiculous she’s being. With the Blogs, Internet, Pinterest, etc…she’s going to stake claim to a craft. I hope she’s reading all these comments.

    I’m having a FACEBOOK social hop. I’d love for you to hop on over, grab a button and link up your facebook.

    Have a crazy beautiful week!
    denyse@crazy beautiful life recently posted..Holiday Candle DecorMy Profile

  7. That’s kind of crazy! Does she have a patent? She should be grateful that your life doesn’t hinge on cone shaped Christmas trees. You could have taken it a step further by using her shop name in this post but the high road was the better way to go. Anyhoo, good for you and shame on her.

    Oh, and, welcome back!
    Maureen recently posted..Recycled ChristmasMy Profile

  8. Wow, I am so sorry that you had to go/are going through such silliness! It really seems absurd to me, your trees, and hers I would assume, have nothing proprietary about them. I’d be tempted to go along with your hubby and fight it tooth and nail, but it would most certainly be the more frustrating path.
    Rachel recently posted..Christmas Gift Ideas for a CrafterMy Profile

  9. Unless she copyrighted the tree design/pattern, she has no leg to stand on, she will waste time and money trying to remove this idea all over the world. I think I saw something similar/made it as a child. (not this elaborate). Silly person…glad you took the high road…

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