Painting Wicker Furniture

Happy Sunday to everyone!  Did you have a day of rest today?  I have never been good at resting or relaxing.  I need to practice more :-).  Even on No Chore/No Guilt Friday, I still don’t rest.  I just do fun things.  I’m not one to sit down and read a book in the middle of the day….but if I did, it would be on a Sunday.  I’m a Wanna Be Sunday Book Reader!

Recently, I found out that my cousin, Judy, was going to get rid of her wicker furniture.  I about had a heart attack!  I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough to tell her I WANTED IT!!!!   The furniture is not your typical modern wicker furniture.  It is old and very vintage.  It is so awesome and comfortable.  I’m not one to have an emotional attachment to material things (I’m taking this back after thinking of getting rid of my pedestal cake plates and my McKenzie-Child collection, ha!), but oh how I love these chairs!

Judy lives in Bakersfield and owns a very old house that was built in the early 1900’s with a big ol’ wrap-around porch (if I had a picture I would insert it here…darn).  I have fond memories of my Dad with cousins and uncles sitting on the porch in them smoking their cigars.  My Dad was a large man, so these chairs were perfect for him.  He will be gone 6 years next month.  I still miss him, his laughter and his smile.

I now own 4 of these beauties, along with a side table.  I have them in a grouping on my patio. They are wonderful to sit in under the fan and have coffee in the morning (and when my grandchildren are here we watch the birds and have chocolate milk!).  My little piece of heaven.

The first thing I did to spruce this furniture up was washed it down with a power washer.  They had been painted white and were chipping badly.  Hint: Be careful when power washing…. the paint comes off, but if the wicker gets too wet, it gets kind of “fuzzy”.  When it dries, it’s very “prickly”.  I was so amazed and engrossed at how the paint was just coming off with that powerful water spray that I didn’t even notice how it was affecting the wicker!

After I let the wicker dry for a few days, I primed it with a Gray Valspar Enamel Spray Paint.  Next, I sprayed it with Valspar Premium Spray Paint in Gloss Black.  Each chair took 2 cans of primer and 2 cans of black paint.  There was lots of surface area and lots of angles in these chairs to cover!

I had purchased some Sunbrella Fabric and foam to make cushions for the chairs, but then I was in Homegoods (my most favorite store in the world…if I’m look for something particular I swear I go 3 times a week) and found these cushions which were absolutely perfect and a better deal (and less time) than what it would have taken me to make them.  They were a bit pricey (I think) for Homegoods at $40 each, but I just couldn’t pass them up.  I found the throw pillows at Costco (a 2-pack) for less than $15.

This was before I power washed.

After priming and painting.

Homegoods cushions.  They have “garden” words on them.

The side table

Candle holder (hydrangea holder ha!) from Homegoods.

I paid $7.99 for it!

I love the way they turned out.  Let me know if you give this a try and send me a picture!

I’ll be sharing my “Red Letter” Weekend within the next few days…. lots of good stuff going on in our house!

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  1. I didn’t know you had re-done those chairs! They are super cute. Makes me want a backyard…some day though.

  2. I am so glad I found this as I have 2 REALLY old wicker chairs in my basement. They have the old coils in the seats even. I have not touched them as I was too afraid to even attempt to redo them! Now I am not so scared, thanks!! I am happy to follow a new to blogging as well friend!!

    • Bonnie – thanks for the comment! I’m thrilled that I turned the daunting into the doable for you! ha! Send me a pic when your done. I would love to see them!!!

  3. They look gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on power washing the wicker.

    I’m your newest follower. Found you via Debbie.

  4. Wow!! What an amazing transformation!! I love the black, and I LOVE the fabric you used on the cushion! Great touch! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I’m your newest follower!! 🙂

  5. Dear Mandy,
    I’m so happy we both are from Share the Love Wednesday..I’m now following you..your blog is so awesome. Mary is a great hostess and I have made many friends here..including you! LOL! I love your project makeover. Good thing you were able to save the chairs for yourself! In the nick of time I bet!
    try to have some “you” time.. a good book is waiting just for you..

  6. Amazing makeover! I bet she’ll want the furniture back… Seriously, it is gorgeous. Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  7. they look totally new! they were so worn before, but now they are brand spankin’ newish!

  8. This looks absolutely fabulous!

  9. Thanks for all the tips on repainting wicker. I’m sure your chairs are really happy with there transormation!

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you and hope you will link up again next week!

  10. Great tips! I have not attempted wicker as of yet but would like some for my porch. I would love to have you share your talents at my VIP today =)
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! XO

  11. What a beautiful job you did on that wicker, Mandy! They look brand new! Love the black against those cushions. 🙂 You certainly breathed new life into all three pieces!

    xoxo laurie

  12. Love it! I have a bench that needs revamping. Do you have any suggestions on how not to get the spray paint everywhere? Im a new follower! I would love for you to FBack! 😀 look forward to ready more!


    • Hi Amber- I spray painted the wicker in the garage up on saw horses (with the garage door open). The over spray wasn’t that bad. If you can get a big refrigerator box, perhaps you could cut it up and somehow make a screen with it…I have also put down a drop cloth in the back yard and spray painted (make sure it’s not a windy day!) :-). Send me a picture when your done! Good luck and thank you for stopping by and following Project Queen.

  13. After finishing these beauties, I would easily be able to take a half hour with my magazines and enjoy. They came out great, and have so many warm memories. Enjoy!

  14. I think your chairs turned out amazing! I’ll be featuring them on the upcoming Thrifty Thursday link party. Thanks so much for linking up and I hope to see you again this Thursday!

  15. Love this set! Your post is featured this week on Share the Love Wednesday–thanks so much for linking up last week! Stop by and grab a feature button.

  16. What a transformation! Just beautiful! Thank you for linking to It’s a Party!

  17. I featured this today on Mod Mix Monday!

  18. I love the dark wicker look! Those cushions are fabulous too 🙂 Thanks for sharing! I will be on the look out for some wicker for our front porch for sure. New follower here from BreLyn Boutique! Happy crafting!

  19. Is there any way to paint this to be outside? (patio not covered). Love the black!

  20. I have read several ways of removing old paint. Some suggest using oil based primer and oil based paint. I also read that paint remover should be used. Lots of work. Anyway, I am using a copper brush and it seems to be tearing the wicker (which I can repair with glue.) But having difficulty getting the paint out of those crevices with the brush. I’m also going to use a pressure washer. If the wicker gets “bristly” can that be sanded smooth? Any further instructions would be helpful. It’s been spay painted so many times that the paint is really caked on.

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