Master Bedroom Update – Vintage Blue, Yellow and White

I’m so excited to FINALLY be showing off Tracie’s bedroom.  She was so surprised and SHE LOVED IT!

Tracie lives with 4 little boys and her husband.  They don’t understand that us women need to have pretty things.  So, for Tracie’s birthday I decided I would re-do her bedroom.

My inspiration was the 2 pictures above the nightstand lamps.  Whenever we are sad, Tracie is known to sing very loudly (and off-key), the song, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” Not only was the saying perfect, but the colors were too.  Happy colors – blue, yellow and white.

Tracie and Brandon live in a rental house (they just bought a new house and are moving in next week!) so I couldn’t paint the walls.  I found 2 nightstands and a dresser and repainted them (you can see here) and made a headboard for her (posted here).

The room turned out so bright and cheerful.  It’s a very happy room :-).


Bedding was purchased from Homegoods
(except the blue pillows were  custom made)
Lamps were purchased from JCPenney on clearance.


Panels and sheers were purchased from Target.
It’s amazing how curtains warm up a room.

Traciesroom2I still need to add a bedskirt.

I blew it and purchased a queen size bedskirt on accident (it’s a king size bed).
I will add that once they are in their new house… and we will also get to paint!


Is Summer Over Yet?

I know I promised the reveal of Tracie’s room like a month ago!  Life has been crazy.  So much for a quiet, relaxing summer :-).

My summer in a nutshell –

June:  Madison graduated from Cal Poly in June and moved home.  We had some great family time with India (#3 child and her husband, Jeremy, Madison #4 child and Morgan #5 child ). We spent a few days wine tasting in the Paso Robles area.  Morgan was our designated driver.  We had a great time.  Lots of good food and lots of good wine.


Madison – Cal Poly Graduate

Pasogirls3India, Morgan and Madison
Paso Robles

Morgan will be attending school in Santa Barbara.  She decided to look for a job there – went down and interviewed for a job and was hired on the spot!  She found a roommate and moved to Santa Barbara within a 2 week period!  Yes, I was a mess.  I was already having a tough time with the thought of her leaving in August.  I had absolutely NO time to get used to the idea.

July: My mother decided to move to Fresno.  I LOVE having her here.  I spent a week in Bakersfield helping her pack and getting her home on the market (which sold in 1 week).  Spent the next week getting her settled in her new place.  She loves it here.

After my mom’s move, I was really looking forward to our family vacation in San Diego for a week.  While there, Morgan informed us that her roommate had a new boyfriend and he was sleeping over… IN THEIR ROOM.  Ugh.  I guess this is quite common?  I’m sure all of you mother’s totally understand why I FREAKED out.  I headed to Santa Barbara the day after we got home from vacation and spent the week finding Morgan a new place to live.  I’m happy to report that Morgan is living in a safe environment and we are paying up the “ying-yang” for a private room for her.  Santa Barbara rent is crazy!!!!

BeachMission Beach with Logan and Tyler.

August has been just as crazy… we spent some wonderful time with our grandson, Owen, who turned a year old.


Birthday Boy Owen


Owen isn’t sure what the cake is….

owen3He figured it out 🙂

 On top of all this, I was able to finish Tracie’s room and start on a new nursery project which I will be sharing more of.  I’m looking forward to our next 2 week vacation in New Zealand at the end of September.  Counting the days…

I’ll be posting Tracie’s bedroom on Tuesday.

Until then…

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How To Make A Tufted Headboard



I have been wanting to make a tufted headboard for so long! I have studied a million different ways  to do it and after brain storming for the last few months,  I decided I was ready to give it a try.

Supplies needed:

1/2-1 inch plywood
1/8-1/4 inch drill bit and drill
2 large sheets of 16 oz. batting
Staple gun
Fabric Buttons Covers
Upholstery Thread
Doll Needle or a long needle of some kind (at least 2″ long)

Here is how I made it – please forgive me for the lack of pictures:

1.  Cut your plywood to the size that you want.  I made this headboard for a king size bed.  The width of a standard king size bed is 76″.  I made my board 82″ W x 48″H.  Be aware that a California king size bed is wider than a standard.

2.  Figure out where you want your buttons to go and drill holes.  I used a 1/4″ drill bit.   I drew a grid on my plywood and where the top lines and the bottom lines intersected is where I drilled my holes for the buttons.

3.  Cover the board with (2) pieces of 16oz batting.

  • Lay the batting out on the floor one layer at a time making sure it is smooth before adding the next layer of batting.
  • Place your headboard on top of your 2 layers of batting.
  • Cut the batting about 5-6″ from the edge of the board.
  • Pulling the batting tight, staple the batting (keeping your staples about 1/2″ apart) 2-3″ from the edge of the board (on the backside).
  • Cut the access batting as close to your staples as possible.

**I use the Surebonder 9600A Heavy Duty Staple Gun hooked up to our compressor and it is amazing!  I purchased mine on Amazon for $25.

4.  Iron your fabric and lay the headboard on top of the fabric.  Cut the fabric about 6″ from the edge of the board.

5.  Pulling your fabric tight, staple the fabric, pulling it over the batting so that it’s covered.  If you choose not to have a clean edge (folding your fabric down before you staple) trim the access fabric.  You don’t want fabric bunching up on the back of your headboard because it won’t lay flush against the wall.

6.    Cover your buttons with fabric.

**I used Dritz Home Button Covers that you cover yourself.  They were so easy to do and looked very professional.  I purchased them at Joanne’s Fabric.


7.  Using upholstery thread and a long needle (I used a doll needle) –

  • Thread the upholstery thread through the needle, pull the thread down to meet the tail and tie a knot (you want the thread to be doubled).  Push your needle through the 1st drilled hole on the back of the headboard.  Hold onto about 6 inches of the thread and staple it to the back of the headboard close to your drilled hole.    Thread the needle through the loop on the back of the button and push the needle back through the front of the headboard (where you just pulled the needle through – guessing where your drilled hole is).   Pull the thread really tight and staple it to the back of the headboard close to your drilled hole.  Now you should have 2 (doubled threads) stapled separately.  Do this with all of the buttons.

6.  I attached 2 Heavy Duty Single Hole D Rings to each side of the back of the headboard (top corners) and I used 2 Hillman Group No Stud Picture Hanging Hook (up to 200lbs)

Yes, I realize this is over-kill but I wanted to make sure that the headboard didn’t fall down!!!!

Once I figured out where my buttons were going to go (this took me forever because there was some math involved…ugh), it literally took me less than an hour to make this headboard.  Cost for supplies came to less than $95!  Try to buy a king sized headboard for that price!

Next post will be the reveal of Tracie’s room.


 Catch a Glimpse Button


Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue and Pure White Dresser and Nightstands

 I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

We celebrated with our grandson’s on the 3rd and headed to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  We needed to escape the heat, and I was missing my little one (my youngest adult child…. who will always be my “little one”) who is living in Santa Barbara now and will begin school there in August.

It was a beautiful weekend – just what we needed!  The 75 degree weather was heaven, even if it was overcast every morning.  I loved every minute of it.  Lots of people though! Holy Cow! Have to say I have never seen the beach that crowded.

I’m back home and wanting to do some show and tell.
I know I haven’t been posting much lately,
but I HAVE been very busy finishing up projects.

Tracie’s birthday was in May and I wanted to do something special for her… so I decided to decorate her room.  She loves the cottage-y/beach-y feel and I wanted her room to be a place that she could escape to and pretend she was in a cottage or a beach house away from four boys! Okay, five, including her hubby!

I picked up an old dresser and 2 night stands for $80 at a local thrift store.  I knew it was perfect for my project.  Big and solid.  Here it is finished.


Notice the missing knob?
Yup, wrong knob in the wrong cubbyhole at Orchard Hardware Supply. Ugh.
When this picture was taken, we were loading up the truck to take it to Tracie’s.
Had to make a pit stop at OSH to get the right crystal knob.


The dresser was yellow before I started.  I had been debating on what 3rd color I was going to use in her room.  It was an easy decision when I started sanding and the yellow popped through.


Here you can see how my colors were layered.  My first coat (no priming) was Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue.  I coated it twice right over the lovely original yellow.  Next, I painted Annie Sloan’s Pure White right over the Duck Egg Blue in the areas that I wanted white.  I let it dry for a day or two, and then I sanded the heck out of it until the Duck Egg Blue started showing through.



Next, I tackled the nightstands and decided to do the opposite colors of the dresser.  I painted the whole night stand Annie Sloan’s Pure White, letting it dry for a day and then I trimmed it out (painting right over the Pure White) with the Duck Egg Blue and sanded it.

I knew that I needed to protect it with something (remember 5 boys live in her house) so I coated everything FIRST with Annie Sloan’s Floor Sealer.  I need to caution you…. it has a yellow tint to it! If you mix blue and yellow…. you get green!  Ugh.  I was sick about it.  So, I sanded everything again and repainted the white and sanded again.  This time around, I used my favorite Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic Protective Finish in clear satin.  It never disappoints!  I applied three coats in between drying time.  It was boy proof :-).


I kept the original hardware and spray painted it with Rust-Oleum’s Specialty Silver Metallic Paint.  After letting the silver dry, I then spray painted a clear coat of Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic Protective Finish on them.

I’m excited to show you how Tracie’s room turned out…

but first I have to post the headboard I made, which I will post this week!

By Stephanie Lynn

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom



Fourth Of July Desserts

Is summer over YET???


It is so hot here in Fresno – 109 degrees today.

M – I – S – E – R – A – B – L – E

The weather says “Excessive Heat Warning in California”.

We are supposed to hit 112 degrees tomorrow.

I’m thankful for our air conditioning and swimming pool
(can hardly wait to see the electric bill)

Okay, enough about the weather….

Any big plans for the 4th of July?

We plan on making homemade ice cream, swimming until dark, and lighting some fireworks.

My husband and I love having our grandchildren in town so we can carry-on
all of the traditions that we grew up with.

If you’re looking for some yummy desserts to celebrate the day,
here are a few you might want to try!

4th of July collage

1.  Project Queen – 4th of July Brownie Pops

2.  Bird On A Cake – Patriotic Ruffled Cake

3.  The Kitchen Magpie – Easy 4th of July Cake

4.  The Winthrop Chronicles – American Flag Pie

5.  The Sister’s Cafe – 4th of July Strawberries

6.  Good Housekeeping – Cupcake Flag

7.  Skinny Taste – Red, White and Blueberry Triffle

8.  Itsy Bitsy Foodies – Stars and Stripes Rice Krispies

9.  My Juice Cup – 4th of July Cake Pops

Happy 4th of July!!







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Mangoes – Choosing, Cutting and Recipes

Mango Recipe PicMonkey Collage

Mangoes were not something that I grew up with… so I have to admit I’m still on a learning curve with them.  They are in season right now (beginning in May – September), and they are delicious!

I’ve gathered some information that I wanted to share (along with some yummy recipes) that have helped me, and I hope that they do the same for you.

First, let’s talk about how to pick a mango:


  • Most varieties will blend red-to-orange-to-yellow when they are ripe.
  • Keep in mind though, there are varieties that stay green when they are ripe.
  • Look for the mango to be full and plump around the stem.
  • Do not pick flat or thin mangoes, as they might be stringy.
  • Pick one that is shaped like a football.


  • When mangoes are ripe, they are very fragrant.
  • Smell the area close to the stem.


  • Find a mango that yields to gentle pressure with no blemishes or dark spots.
  • A ripe mango will feel similar to a ripe avocado or peach.
  • A ripe mango will be heavier than an unripened one (same with most fruits).

How to store a ripe mango:

  • A ripe mango can be stored in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

How to freeze a ripe mango:

How to cut a mango:

1.  Coconut Mango Cake – Messy Little Cook

2.  Chili-Lime Chicken Mango Skewers – Our Best Bites

3.  Orange Mango Nut Bread with Ginger Honey Butter – Cooking On the Side

4.  Mango Citrus Daiquiri – Emeril’s

5.  Mango Cake with Mango Cream Cheese Frosting – Drizzle and Dip
She also has a great conversion table.

6. Mango-Rita – Champagne Mango

7.  Mango Bars – Baking Bites

8.  Mango Struesel  – Feast On the Cheap

9.  Mango Pineapple Salsa – Brown Eyed Baker

10.  How To Cut A Mango –  Champagne Mango

11.  Mango Gingersnap Flan – NL Rock Recipes

12.  Mango and Honey Crostini – Nikki Dinki Cooking

13.  Steak and Mango Salad with Cilantro Dressing –

14.  Upside Down Mini Mango Cakes – Ann Coo Journal

15.  Mango Cupcakes – Hungry Rabbit NYC

16.  Mango Getaway Bars – Taste Of Home

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!













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Amazing Chocolate Cake

Amazing Chocolate Cake

I needed a “knock your socks off” recipe
for a chocolate cake last week.

I ran across this one from the Barefoot Contessa.
She calls it “Beatty’s Chocolate Cake”.

It was so moist.

Absolutely delicious!

Everyone raved about it.

Definitely a keeper.


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Disappearing Act

I really am ALIVE!!!

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not being around lately…..

I’ve received several emails from some of you asking if I was okay.


I love having people out in Blog Land watching my back and missing me :-).

I had a friend say to me tonight, “Have I missed some of your posts?”

I thought it was time to check in.

We went on a wonderful 2 week vacation.

London, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, and Budapest.

London – we go every year and it’s my favorite place.

This year, I saw Kate Middleton walking her dog.
YES! I was on a street where there is government housing
so you aren’t allowed to take pictures.
I look up and see a woman walking her dog with a man.
I thought, “Wow, that looks like Kate.”
Then I realized the woman was pregnant…
yup it was her!
Of course, no one was with me and I couldn’t take a picture.
I swear I’m not making it up!!!!

P.S.  She has a very interesting laugh.
That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Berlin – Good (I don’t think I’d go back, but hubby loved it)

Dresden, Germany – OMG!  Want to definitely go back again.

Prague – Disappointing.  Too “touristy” for me.

Budapest – LOVED.  Definitely go back again.


Came home and had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.

I had the same surgery on my right hand 3 years ago.

So thankful I don’t have a 3rd or I would need surgery on that one too!

So there you go….

Thank you to the thoughtful women out there for checking on me!

Friday I have stitches removed so I’m hoping to get the

“Go Ahead”

From my doctor.

Until then….

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Teacher’s Survival Kit

teacher survival-1

Teacher Appreciation week is already here!
May 6th– 10th

I wanted to come up with something quick and easy for the boy’s teachers.

I have seen some different versions of “teacher’s survival kits” and loved the idea.

I decided this would be the perfect gifts for some awesome teachers that have been so wonderful to my boys this year.

I purchased a plastic organizer from Joann’s
(don’t forget to use your 40% off coupon)
and filled it with some basics:

Paper Clips
Push Pins
Sewing Kit
Rubber Bands
Hand Sanitizer
Super Glue
and of course I couldn’t forget the


Next, I needed something snazzy for the tops of my kits.
I found an adorable digital scrapbook kit from
Just So Scrappy“.

I made covers for each of the boxes (filling in the teacher’s name),
laminated them and attached them to the lid with tape.


Katie from Just So Scrappy was gracious enough to let me
share a free printable with you!

Thank you Katie!

Click here to get your “Teacher’s Survival Kit” printable.

Thanks Mandy for having me,
thanks again to Katie
to all of the wonderful teachers out there!!!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I love Mother’s Day.

My children hate it.

Did I mention the fact that they have to do what I WANT to do?

Did I mention that sometimes I make them work?

Like plant flowers and stuff?

Yup, I’m a mean motha’ on Mother’s Day :-).

There are some great gift ideas on Etsy.
Man, oh man I love that website.
Almost as much as Pinterest.


These would be so cute sitting in a kitchen window.

Menuete Designs
Each little bird has an initial on it.
Too cute.  These just make me smile :-).

Joy Edwards
What a sweet necklace to give to a mother-in-law.

This personalized chevron charm necklace or key chain is
so darn cute!  I’d like one of these myself…hint, hint, hint
(in case my family actually reads my post).

This would be an awesome gift for the daughter
who lives far away from her mother.

These are adorable for an herb garden in Mom’s kitchen.

What Mom wouldn’t love a picture of her child(ren) on her iphone???

This pillow says it like it is… SO TRUE!

Is your Mom a photographer?
This Etsy shop has a ton of different cameras you can choose from.
These little camera’s blow my mind!

Did I get your Mom’s Gift juices flowing?
Etsy has some great stuff.

Have a wonderful week.

PS I really am a nice Mom

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