Oh, Christmas Tree

I woke up this morning with a million different posts swimming in my head… then thought of a million crafts I’d like to do…then thought of a million chores I needed to do!!! ha! I decided the crafts will need to wait a few hours, the chores are almost done, and here I am ready to write a post.  I don’t know about you, but when I think of a million things I need to do, I end up doing nothing!  But today, is going to be different.  I’m going to be disciplined (besides drinking my water and NO flour and NO sugar)… 1 day at a time.  Hello, my name is Mandy and I’m a sugar addict! ugh!

Six years ago we finally broke down and bought a fake Christmas Tree.  It was a tough decision to make, but after seeing all the trees that are cut down and then the ones that aren’t chosen (which makes me sad…I do that with pumpkins too) we decided to head over to Costco and get one of their gorgeous trees that look very real (minus the smell).  We ended up getting the 9.5 ft. tree and the lights are already on it! YAHOO!

Now, my hubby only asks for 1 thing (well there are a few more, but you know what I mean) and that is, that our garage not become a storage house for MY STUFF… “but it’s a 4 car garage!”, I say.  “Nope, boat and my tools and projects that we are working on.”  Shoot.  SO, all of my Christmas stuff goes up into the attic.  Now, we do not have one of those nice, easy, ladders that comes down by the pull of a little ropey-knobby thing.  Oh no, we have to get the ladder from the garage (I swear he has 10) put it under the “hole” that goes into the attic, remove the cut out part of the ceiling…and HE (not me) has to HOIST himself up and into the attic.  Yup, that’s how it’s done.

Every year on January 2nd…there I am shoving a 4-part, 9.5 ft. Christmas tree up into the attic (on the ladder, mind you) to my hubby (who has gracefully hoisted himself into the attic) and is waiting patiently for it to reach him so he can pull it into the attic. Let me add at this point, each section has to go UPSIDE DOWN into the hole.  It is the only way that the sections will fit because that’s the way the branches are folded and tied with a bungee cord.  This routine is also done with the 12 Christmas boxes (he told me I was only allowed 6 boxes…yes, he knows me well) !

To make matters worse with this doggone tree, 3 years ago some of the lights stopped working (in the middle of the tree) so I have been wrapping lights around the area that isn’t lit….it doesn’t match where the other lights have been wrapped by the manufacturer…which drives me crazy.  Yes, a little OCD with the tree.

Last November, my daughter and I rescued a kitten from a tree and brought him home.  Here he is in the 9.5 tree that he felt “at home” in.

I swear, he took his naps in the tree!

Have you ever tried to keep a kitten out of a Christmas tree?  It doesn’t work!

I was not about to put my precious glass ornaments on the tree. I could just see them crashing onto our hardwood floor.  Long story short, we put a few non-breakable ornaments on the tree.  No one was disappointed because Tux was awfully cute in that tree…we were happy with him being the ornament.

Yesterday I looked at my hubby and said, “The thought of getting that huge tree down from the attic, setting it up, rewrapping lights…” I must have looked pretty forlorn (how’s that for a fancy word?), because he said, “Just go to Costco and buy a smaller tree.”  YES!!! Madison and I jumped in the car and raced over to Costco before 1) he changed his mind and 2) before Costco sold out!

Here is the 7.5 foot tree in our living room in all it’s glory.

It was so easy to set up yesterday…so much more manageable than the larger tree…and Tux did walk by it, sniffed a branch and walked away…I guess that means I have to decorate it.

Join me this week as I begin decorating the tree!

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  1. Mandy,
    Last year be finally broke down and purchased an artificial tree with lights already on it too. It is about 7′ and it is so full that we can’t find a big enough place to set it up without the branches knocking someone in the face. LOL I shudder to think about getting it out and setting it up and then dragging down all the boxes with ornaments. It makes me tired thinking about it and thinking about it is as far as I have gotten today!


  2. Hi, Mandy
    How funny, love how your cat is up on the tree. LOL


  3. Omg I love your sweet kitten in the tree! My cats always try to get in the tree. They just love to be one of the “ornaments.” Good for you getting a more manageable tree!

  4. Awe the big tree is gone? But it was so pretty! I thought it was plenty easy to deal with (come home after it’s put up and leave before it has to be put down ha). Looking forward to seeing the smaller one 🙂

  5. What cute photos – Tux is so cute. My older cat used to climb up the tree – the new one just likes batting the ornaments that are hanging along the bottom of the tree.

    My best- Diane

  6. I think your kitty is the BEST DECORATION EVER!

  7. adorable!

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