Day 1 Commitment and My 31 Day Commitment To You

Happy Monday!

Are any of you happy when Monday rolls around?  I’m just going to admit it…  I AM!   I love it when my family goes back to what they are supposed to do and I go back to what I’m supposed to do!   After a crazy, hectic weekend (like this passed weekend) I’m ready to get back to what I’m supposed to do!

I have to tell you….I’ve been thinkin’ and thinkin’ about what I could commit to for 31 days. Gosh, there are so many of you blogging  friends that have committed to some pretty amazing things to post for 31 days! The only thing I could think of that I could MAYBE stick to for 31 days was exercising or drinking my water like I’m supposed to (don’t laugh, but this is SUPER hard for me…I have the tiniest bladder…and I couldn’t figure out how this would benefit you…unless YOU committed to joining me!!).

When I woke up this morning it hit me, I knew what I could commit to!  So, blogging friends, because October is Breast Cancer month…

I am committing to posting something pink every day until November 2nd…


I’m going to be posting a fact about Breast Cancer…one that you might not know!

How’s that for a commitment? I’m rather proud of myself :-).  I’m excited and up for the challenge! So here is the 1st one:

Day 1 of 31


The left breast is statistically more prone to developing cancer than the right breast. Scientists are unsure why.

 Epidemiology of Breast Cancer.” Medicine World. Accessed: January 27, 2011.

I have some fun things going on this week… I’ll show off my Halloween decorations, my thrift finds, a chair that I have been working on AND I’ll have highlights from Tuesday’s #2 “I turned the daunting into the do-able” Link Party.  I hope you stick around and link up to #3 Link Party!

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  1. Ok…YES! I am also excited when Monday rolls around. I love my family weekends, but I also love my quiet work time in the shop. 🙂 Don’t tell anyone. Great post and great effort. I applaud you.

  2. I totally understand what you are saying. I love the fact that you are making a 30 day commitment to post about breast cancer. Posting on any topic for 30 days would be really hard for me! I’m so scatter-brained. I’ll be hooking up to project Tuesday with the second installment of my chair re-do.

    Can’t wait to see what you have been working on.


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