Mikey and Make-Up

I bet you’re thinking this woman has lost her mind!  Mikey and Make-Up?

My blog mentioned yesterday that I was going with my hubby and friends to the Michael Buble’ concert and I also mentioned that I had purchased  a make-up remover cloth from my girlfriend’s cleaning house party…. (now you’re really thinking I lost my mind!).  For those of you who read my blog yesterday it all makes sense, for those of you who didn’t, check out yesterday’s blog and you’ll be all caught up.

I’m not one to get up every morning and put make-up on and do my hair.  I keep telling my hubby that I’m a VERY LOW MAINTENANCE kind of gal.  I usually throw on my sweats and a t-shirt (my mother always taught me to put my play clothes on) and my tennies (because my orthodics in my shoes feel soooo good) and I’m ready for my day!

After a day in my night gown, about 4:00 I decided I better get my act together.  Jumped in the shower (shaved the legs), lotioned up, dried my hair…. and after going to my daughter’s bathroom 3 times to retrieve my mascara, eyelash curler and bronzer (I was fit to be tied….I swear I’m going to spread her favorite things she needs every day all over the house and she was LUCKY she wasn’t home), I was ready to go.  I want you to know I applied a little bit of extra make-up just in case Mikey glanced my way *wink*.   Anyway, here is MICKEY!

Isn’t he cute????? We had great seats and enjoyed the show.  He is very entertaining and quite the comedian.  He performed a Michael Jackson and a Journey number.  Of course it was very humorous.  It’s hilarious when he introduces his band members.  Am I making you want to go????? I have to say, when I looked around, the crowd was mostly women and a much more mature crowd than what I expected….hmmm….I guess I’m getting old mature….speaking of mature, we have always called this kind of music “sexy music” in our house.  Last night someone called it, “baby makin’ music”. LOVE IT!

We got home around 11:00pm and I was ready for bed.  Of course, I had to wash my face (I’m one of those people who never, ever goes to bed without brushing my teeth or washing my face….make-up or no make-up).  When I do wear make-up I use the Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cloths.  I buy them from Costco in this huge box…they run about $15 a box! I couldn’t wait to try the new Norwex Make-up Remover Cloth that I had ordered at the cleaning party.

My girlfriend, Anne S., and I (she was at the cleaning party too) couldn’t believe that these little cloths could remove make-up and even WATERPROOF mascara.  So being the frugal women we are (ha!) decided we would split a package (they come in a package of 3) and give them a whirl.

Let me tell you folks, I “wetted” my little blue cloth down and started wiping my face….the make up was OFF before I knew it, including my waterproof mascara.  UNBELIEVABLE!  (I swear I’m not being paid to tell you this).  I washed my face with my regular face wash and my face was clean as a whistle!

Here’s what the brochure says:

These antibacterial suede cloths are gentle and effective for removing makeup and are designed specifically for sensitive skin and delicate eye areas.  The tight weave of the fiber allws for mascara and dark makeup to wash away easily. They are 8×8, come with a 2 year warranty and cost $19.99. 

Gotta try them folks!  They are worth every penny.

If you would like to purchase a package of these you can contact Judy at:


Another fun post coming atcha’ tomorrow!  Thank you for stopping by.



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