Link Party Drama

I ran across this post on Facebook this morning that gave me a “knee-jerk” reaction… and when I have that kind of reaction to something, I’ve learned by LOTS OF MISTAKES to sit on it and think about why I’m having that particular reaction before I react!  I know that totally makes sense to you :-).

Wanna know what the conversation was about?  Linking Parties.  Yup, that party I hold every week. The party I DO spend a lot of time on and that I began in hopes to benefit myself, my blog, my readers and my blogging friends.

I’ve pondered long and hard today over this subject.  Lately, I have been feeling like there needs to be something more to the party  (I mentioned this here). But, I don’t know what it would be…. so, I’ll keep pondering on this one…and YES, I’m open to suggestions!

After reading the FB post/conversation, I feel a need to share with my readers and blogging friends my thoughts and feelings on why I host and why I started to host a party…(Can I also add that I don’t like what a few of my favorite bloggers added to the conversation?  I really had absolutely no idea that they felt that way about link parties).

My first and foremost reason for hosting a party was because I wanted to get to know more bloggers.  Yes, I wanted to have more visitors.  I wanted to network and not just “know” bloggers because of their blog… I also wanted something to carry my blog when I was too busy to have a project going on.  I have bonded with some amazing women because of  my party.  Was it about making my blog big, fancy and well known? Absolutely not, I like to think I blog from my heart and not my pocketbook.  Hence, the reason why you will never see a bunch of posts on advertising or a lot of adds on my blog.

Hosting a link party enables people to share their projects in ONE SPOT.  I love to visit parties (even if I don’t link up).  Where else can you see 100’s of projects without having to click from site to site?  If the picture of the project doesn’t “grab” you, you can move on to the next project that was linked up.

Do I invite people to my party? YES, if I run across a project that I feel is absolutely AMAZING and I think my readers and bloggers would like to see it, I most definitely will invite that person to the party.  Why wouldn’t I?  Am I doing this to get more readers?  To have the BEST party?  To have more links? No, I invite the blogger to link up because I’m excited for everyone to see the fabulous project!

Want to know what I DON’T like about hosting a Link Party?

I have a hard time choosing what to highlight.  I try very hard not to highlight the same blogger every week.  I truly do want everyone to have a chance to be highlighted.   I agonize over what projects to choose… there are so many talented bloggers!  It’s probably why my highlight parties have gone from 6 highlights to 12!

Please know, that I appreciate every single blogger who takes the time to link their project.  I wish that I could email every single one of you and say, “Thank you!”  As it is, I spend 2 hours on Sunday evening going through all of the projects and another 2 hours on Monday to write my post.  I also like to comment on each and every project that I highlight.

Lately, I have been feeling like the party is getting redundant on my part.  I feel like I say the same thing weekly…. “Welcome to Project Queen’s….”  are you feeling it or is it just me?

I know that God has been feeling my “uneasiness” with hosting a party every week.  His timing is always perfect.  Why would I have come across the FB conversation this morning?  Yup, it got me thinking.  So, for the next few days I’m going to pray and ask God for His guidance on continuing to host a party.  I really do want to make sure that I’m hosting a party for the right reasons.




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  1. Don’t become weary in well doing, Mandy! There will ALWAYS be folks out there to critique every thing you do. God knows your heart….better than you do! You are always kind and generous. I appreciate the opportunity you give for us to get to know one another. What you do takes a lot of work. Thank you!
    Audrey recently posted..Easter SideboardMy Profile

  2. Gean N. says:

    Hi, Ok let me first start ot saying I am a reader, I do NOT have a blog.I have been a reader for a while now and after reading your post I felt compelled to write this. People are always going to have mean stuff to say, it doesn’t matter how wonderful and amazing you are, you can never please everyone. To me the Bottom line is it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn’t realize there was blog police LOL! You created this blog right? I am sure you put your heart, soul, money and tons of time into. Correct? I personally love your parties, I don’t have time in the day search over 100 blogs.I love that people link projects they are proud of and want to share,I love your highlights, I found some amazing ideas . Oh by the way, have you ever held anyone at gun point and made them link up?? No I didn’t think so! People are obviously proud of what they have done and want to share. To share the ideas, to show people and inspire others.It is also a great way to find new blogs out there, if we didn’t do that, people might miss something amazing or the other way around.

    So it’s your blog, that means you are in charge, Don’t let anyone bully you if they don’t like parties, they don’t have to do them!!!!! So I hope you don’t stop doing them 🙂

  3. If the people making those comments about you hosting linky parties don’t like that you are doing that, then why are they wasting time coming to your site and complaining if they’re critical? Why don’t they just leave you in your blissful world that the rest of us appreciate? Don’t stop having parties. I love them and you are definitely one of the best linky partiers! You always comment back, unlike many of the big bloggers, who..okay…I understand they get busy, but really? I’ve left comments on a few of the bigger blogs over and over with absolutely NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT! Don’t let them bring you down….you’re definitely better than that. Remember “Who would you compare yourself to?”. That’s what my dad always said when I’d be upset at someone? I’d rather be you. xo wendy
    Wendy @HerBallistic Garden recently posted..Driftwood Coffee Table TutorialMy Profile

    • Ahhh.. Wendy thank you! I understand the “No acknowledgement”, been there too! I often don’t respond to comments publicly (as I am doing now), but always try and respond through a private email. I’m always afraid that my commenters won’t come back and see the reply! I appreciate your kind words. Again, thank you!

  4. Hi! You are the second blogger I’ve read tonight to write about that FB thread. It makes me sad that you might be feeling discouraged. Please don’t be! xo Malia
    malia recently posted..Crafty Soiree #84: Easter Egg-citement!My Profile

  5. ps PROUD newest Linky follower!!!
    malia recently posted..Crafty Soiree #84: Easter Egg-citement!My Profile

  6. I just read your comment you left one of our contributors on her article “Favoritism in Blogging.” I read the FB post you mentioned above and I totally disagree that if you have to invite people to your linky party you shouldn’t have one. On the contrary, it’s etiquette to invite people to your party as the host. I am sure the Lord will show you what you need to do as you seek Him, just don’t let people critical comments sway you. I love this quote “Don’t criticize my successes and where I am at if you don’t know the sacrifices I have made and the heart and passion behind it.” A while back I sent an email asking Christian bloggers to help me share the series I was doing “Loving Your Man When it Hurts”, I rec’d some interesting feedback. Even after I mentioned that my heart was to get His Word, His encouragment to wives not to get more readers people still wrote me back telling me that I should find other ways to grow my numbers. I knew my heart, I spent days, weeks praying about this series and I knew that their critical comments were not grounded in truth. So I cont’d with my series. Blessings as you wrestle with this and filter His truth and the enemies lies.
    Mari recently posted..Favoritisim in BloggingMy Profile

    • Amen, Mari! Love that quote. I need to put that on my chalkboard this week! Thank you for your uplifting and heartfelt comment.

  7. Carrie Lynn says:

    I want to say something really amazing here….but I keep typing and deleting and retyping. All I know is that God sees your heart and knows your motives. If He’s smiling on you it really doesn’t matter what others say.

    Keep smiling Amanda and get ready for an ADVENTURE!!!

  8. Hello!
    I’m new to your blog, actually, not even sure how I found you. I really appreciate your post and your obvious heart felt words. Please don’t be overwhelmed by others negativity. Remember its Satan’s job to bring division where there is joy and unity. As already said by others, the linky party is a joy for those of us who love to share and learn from others. I often fight depression, but being able to visit the parties and see others doing creative things helps keeps me going in those dark hours. It helps me to remember that God gave me the gift of creativity and it builds me up and inspires me. As you mentioned, we do want to keep a balance in how much time we use in non-spiritual things. But I think our linky parties is a blessing we can all share. Back away from the negative vibe! Take care. : )

    • Barbe, “The gift of creativity” spoke volumes to me this morning. Thank you for reminding me that creativity is a gift from God. I need to remember that I’m at my happiest when I’m being creative and inspired by others. So glad you found Project Queen!

  9. yours was the very first link party i joined…BECAUSE you invited me! Your party actually changed the way I blogged, in a very good way. I had no idea link parties even existed. I had no idea there was this amazing network. ANd now, I LURVE a link party! So many ideas…I can scan faster than pinterest (and i know the links go to the real link!)

    How else are you supposed to get the word out about a link party without inviting people? Hello? marketing?
    Micki @addhousewife recently posted..The birthday party must go onMy Profile

    • Micki, you’re the best! YOU are why I blog… to somehow make a difference in someone’s life every day. Even if it’s to show them how to link to a party!

  10. I have hosted one party (a Patriotic one last 4th of July) and am hosting another one, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. Doing possibly one more for Memorial Day, so, having several a year is a lot of fun and I don’t think I could do it every week like some. I just don’t have time. Maybe you could cut it down to one per month? I don’t know. Wish you the best whatever you decide.

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