Kitchen Aid Art

My daughter ran across this website that customizes your kitchen aid! I don’t know about all of you, but I ♥ my kitchen aid!  It sits on my kitchen counter front and center.  I never put it away.  I love the idea of having a custom painted kitchen aid.  Except… the price tag is a bit steep.  Maybe if I hit another jackpot I could splurge and not feel guilty!

Image 1
Image 1
Image 1
Vintage Floral design
You can check out the rest of the painted kitchen aids at
Un Amore by Nicole Dinardo
Which one is YOUR favorite???

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  1. Tracie L. says:

    Anyone who knows me, knows show much I LOVE my kitchen-aid!! I received it as a gift years ago 🙂 and I have to say it is by far one of my favorite things!!! I loved all of these but by far the cherries were my favorite! To bad they don’t make skins for them or could you??? hmmm…….Could you make designs on them with your new machine LOL You could start a whole new trend! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I couldn’t live without mine. It sits on my counter as well ready for action. Mine is graphite and I think I’d stick with the solid industrial look…but these painted KA’s are pretty stinkin’ cool to look at. They’d be a great statement piece in a monotone/all white kitchen, wouldn’t they?

    Have a great weekend!


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