I Hit the Jackpot!!!!

Last Friday, I went with some friends to one of the indian casino’s that is about a 30 minute drive from our house.  We go about once a month, have dinner, a few drinks and then play the slots for a few hours and head home.  Sometimes, I come home ahead with some extra $ in my pocket, but MOST times I come home with LESS $ in my pocket.

Guess what friends? This week, I came home with a whole lotta $ in my pocket!!! In fact, I won a jackpot of $1,600.00!!!!!!! Unbelievable.  I about had a heart attack.  I got 8 Quick Hits!

I don’t think it really hit me how much $ that was until the next morning when I was lying in bed… and started thinking about what I’d like to buy…hmmm….. I could buy new nightstands, a new dresser….I got out of bed, grabbed my coffee, sat in front of my computer and promptly purchased a…

Cameo Silhouette!!!!!

Woot! Woot!

Next, I purchased…

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10


I splurged and had everything shipped quickly.

I cannot wait to play with all of my new toys!!!

The last thing I want to purchase is a new hard drive to back up all of my computer stuff (I have a Mac).

Any suggestions????

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  1. Lucky you!!! I love it when that happens. Enjoy your new toys!

  2. Tracie L. says:

    Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!How fun is that????

  3. Sweet!! Lucky you and what a way to start off the new year. Maybe 2012 holds more than you anticipated. Just don’t get too bummed now if you lose the next few times. Can’t wait to see what fun projects you come up with using your new toys.

  4. WOO-HOO!!
    Wow!! That is so awesome. And I love getting “guilt free” goodies. Glad ya got something fun. Enjoy.

  5. N-I-C-E! Congratulations what a way to start the new year! I’m not much of a gambler as I always lose and hardly ever win anything! Whoot, Whoot for you!

  6. How wonderful! Can’t wait to see what you create with the Cameo and your new Adobe software! Have fun and enjoy!

  7. Yehaw!!! Congrats! Sounds like you’ll have fun with those purchases! And I’ll be interested if you get any tips about a hard drive…

  8. Congrats on that big win!. Congrats on the new purchases. I also order the Silhouette and it came today. it’s still in the box but maybe tomorrow I’ll open it and play. Again congrats.

  9. Oh, maaaaan! You lucky girl!
    Don’t forget shoes! You’ve got to go buy some really fun party shoes!

  10. When I read you header, I figured it was a figure of speech, but you really did win! What fun things you were able to buy–good luck with your silhouette and photoshop!

  11. Lucky girl! Congratulations! Found money is sooo fun! xo

  12. OMG!!
    Congrats, but I am positively GREEN with envy!!
    But It couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal!!!

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