How to Make a Chore Chart System For Your Children


I hope everyone is having a great week! It has been raining here (I hate the rain!), but being stuck in the house gave me the opportunity to look around and pick new projects to tackle.

The two things my boys detest are homework and CHORES! Over the years I have tried tons of chore charts and tons of different motivations (ie bribes) to try to get them to do their chores. My last attempt, I thought, was finally the chore chart that was going to work!!  They got chore bucks for doing their chores and then they could trade in their bucks for fun prizes, treats or money. It worked great until my oldest decided to just do the chores that had the highest value and leave the rest, his brother caught on and well let’s just say SYSTEM FAIL!

We tried the, “You have to do your chores whether you get allowance or not but if you do all of them without being told, you get your allowance.” Umm………yeah another chore system failed! What was I thinking? I have to remind them to put on clean underwear every day!

Then it hit me.  They don’t seem motivated to slowly build up their allowance by doing one chore at a time.  What if I just gave them their set allowance and if they don’t do all the chores that I have paid them for, then they will be paying ME back?  This system might just work!

I decided we needed new chore charts.  The system needed to be fun and functional but most important I didn’t want them on the fridge anymore. Here is a pic of my old chore charts, can you understand why they had to move?

If they weren’t going on the fridge, I wanted them to be cute and durable. I love my new chalkboard that I just got as a gift, so that was my inspiration.

I had some old picture frames, so I spray painted them.  I went to Home Depot and got a metal roof flashing  sheet (my husband cut the one piece into (3) 8×10 pieces to fit in the frames).  I primed and then painted them with chalkboard paint.

I purchased some chipboard letters and applied scrapbooking paper to them with Modge Podge.  Now, I just needed cute magnets!   I wanted something that the boys would like….bottle caps!! I purchased some envelope seals from Hobby lobby (love that store) and applied them to the bottle caps.  Next, I found cute clip art for all their different chores and shrank them to fit the bottle caps.  I  applied an epoxy sticker over the whole thing, stuck a magnet on the back and waa laa!!

I thought they turned out cute and the boys loved them!

So here they are, our new chore charts!

Will the new system work?? I have no idea but even if it doesn’t at least you can see my fridge now!!

Thanks so much Mandy for having me!
Hope everyone has a great week.


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  1. Tracie, your chore charts turned out beautiful; it should be a big motivation for them to finish their chores.
    Sherry recently posted..The "I don’t know what I want – just do something nice" VASEMy Profile

  2. So cute sis! You need to post this on other sites.

  3. Such a great project! Love the bottlecap magnets so much!!! Found you on Cheri’s blog hop, and am your newest follower, will you follow me back?

  4. Wow! What a great idea and I love your bottlecaps! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!
    Trish – Mom On Timeout recently posted..Peep Centerpiece {Easter}My Profile

  5. I need some help, desperately. Can you send me a copy of the clip art chores? I am putting them on dowels, then using magnets to put them on a magentic board . I am then putting the chores up that they need to do for a week and when they are done with that chore, They move it to the done section. I am just having trouble locating a good collection of chores clip art. You can always mail them to me at My facebook page is Karin Adler-Lee. Thank you so much. I pray you can get make to me soon



    • I did not have a collection of clipart that was used, I just googled the certain chore I was looking for (i.e.- “dusting clipart” or “making bed clipart”) and a whole bunch of options came up. I just copied them and pasted them into a word document and adjusted the size to what I needed to fit on my magnets. Since I wasn’t sure what you were looking for, I googled some of the top chores I could think of for you. Whatever else you might need just google that certain chore. There should be quite a few options that pop up for it. The Best of luck!! I am sure it will turn out great!
      Best, Tracie

  6. Anne Jones says:

    LOVE the bottle cap magnets! Great idea!! I don’t have kids but would LOVE to make these as gifts! Where can I get magnets strong enough to hold the weight?

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