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I’m so excited to be featuring Andrea this morning from The Cottage Market.  Not only does she have a fabulous blog, but she has to be the nicest person in Blog Land!  Let’s see what Andrea has for us today.


Morning to you all!  I hope you all have a Wonderful Friday.  Can you believe that yesterday kicked off the 25 days before Christmas count!  Only 24 days to go!  When did that happen????  Ready or not…here it comes! : )  I have a little project for you today that I hope you enjoy.  I think you might have just about everything in the house to make one!  Hoping you will enjoy and put your clever and unique touches on them : )
 Paper Doily Wreaths
 Let’s start with the basics…
You will need Paper Doilies (size of your choice…these are small ones…4 inches round) I used a wooden base but you can make a base out of cardstock and the same for the smaller pieces…same results…I just happen to have these on hand.  You will also need some fun embellishments…glue of your choice.

First thing you need to do is to cut tons of your paper doilies into 4 sections (you really get your monies worth by getting 4 cones from a doily)
Now keep on rolling.  By using the center as a guild…curl and place both ends over each other and glue (remember the back is not seen so if it is not picture perfect…no worries) Repeat this over and over again till you have the amount you need to start creating. I used approximately 60 for my two layer one.

Now take your circle and start layering…for the top version  you will need to do 2 layers…I started with my 2 inch circle and worked around…making sure that the cones were placed snug together for a nice full look.  repeat…repeat…repeat…till the entire circle is filled…

like so…now move on to the larger circle…
 I drew a guide circle for the size I needed to follow…it does help a ton when you are doing the lining up so I would suggest drawing a line for yourself…now just keep on gluing them to your round surface..I used hot glue (I’m addicted to it…I might get a few little burns but it is just so quick!

Time to attach the two pieces together using hot glue…
Make sure to depress the two with a little pressure : )

Time to embellish…I took a 1 1/2 inch wooden round…painted it white and then coated it in clear crystal glitter…the i took a 1 inch circle painted white and added a vintage earring and viola!  I bet you can think of a million and one centers that will be fabulous!

Here is a sample of the smaller version…This is just one layer created with a 2 inch base…attach a ribbon hanger and these would look gorgeous on a tree…as a garland…snowflakes on the window…suspended with clear thread from a mantle…well you get the picture!  

Display any way you would like and I sure hope you have fun creating them…you can do this with large doilies…medium…whatever size you would like.  I just loved the small ones because they just look so petite and pretty and allows you to make smaller items to adorn those little areas.  I also love that you get 4 cones to a doily…very cost effective!  I also love that the cones are very neat : )  

Hope you create some for your Holiday Season! This is a good one for just about any time of the year…just add different centers and you are ready to go!


See you tomorrow and tons of 
to one and all!


WOW! Thanks so much Andrea.  I LOVE THIS and I’m sure I’m not alone.  Head over to Andrea’s Blog – The Cottage Market and while you’re there, check out her Etsy Shop.  I’d show you what I have purchased, but then I’d be spoiling a special Christmas gift for someone who’s name I can’t say because she reads this blog! Yes…you know who you are…..


Have a wonderful weekend!!! I’ll be back VERY soon to show you all my fabulous thrift finds.  You’ll be soooo jealous when you see this one particular item…..I’m still pinching myself.
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  1. thank you so much for featuring me my friend…i am so honored : ) sending hugs!!!!

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