Ethan’s Baby Nursery


I’ve been so busy the last month working on two different projects!

I went straight from the Evangel House Office Project
into re-decorating a master bedroom/bathroom and a baby nursery.

I finished up  Ethan’s Nursery (just in time for a much-needed
vacation far, far away).
I’m thinking it might be one of those vacations when you need
a vacation after you come home :-).

Ethan is due in May.  His Mom (Shannon) contacted me in February
and asked if I had ever painted horizontal stripes.

There is always a first time for everything and I was up for the challenge!
(Tutorial will be coming later).

Ethan’s nursery was simple.
Shannon knew what she wanted, all I did was take her ideas
and make them happen.

Her inspiration was a special quilt that had been made out of Ethan’s
grandfather’s old polo shirts
(unfortunately, he passed away long before Ethan was planned).

Grey, khaki, yellow and navy blue, with wood accents
was what Shannon chose to use in Ethan’s room.


This is what Ethan’s room looked like before I got started.
(Okay, I had actually gotten started and almost forgot to take a before picture.)


You can see the quilt hanging on the crib.  So cute and original.
Love the white furniture Shannon chose.


Shannon and I worked on a gallery wall above the changing table.
Pictures will be inserted later.


Gallery wall close-up. Love the prints she had made by Jennifer Anderson-Bier.
She has a Facebook page called Designed by Aiden’s Mom.


The giant ruler was a gift that Shannon received.


Shannon found this “Latchy Catchy” on Etsy.
All you do is attach it to the door knob
and it’s quiet when you open and shut the door.


Why didn’t I have one of these?
Better yet, why didn’t I think of this??


More prints made by Designed by Aiden’s Mom
that were  hung above Ethan’s crib.


This is JAXON.
He is working on his barking manners so baby Ethan gets to sleep.
He is doing a good job.

Now we just need baby Ethan to get here….

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  1. I think it looks so gorgeous! Great job!

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