Creating a Vignette

I’m lovin’ it here in California today…foggy and cold!!! The sun tried very hard to peak through that fog around 2pm today….

It’s feeling a little bit like Christmas.  I was out and about running errands.  I could hear the Christmas music in the stores…nice.

Have you ever had a grand plan of what your week was going to look like and then Monday rolls around and you realize that it’s NOT going to go according to plan?  Yup, that’s me.

Remember when I told  you on the last post that my Christmas decorations are in the attic and the only person who can “hoist” himself up in there is my hubby?  Well, he isn’t going to be able to hoist himself up this week… THAT plan, will be happening on Sunday!

So, in the mean time, I have to switch gears here.  BUT, I’m still going to be planning and thinking and sharing about Christmas decorations.

For many of us bloggers, decorating comes kinda natural to us.  BUT for some of our readers, that might not be the case.  So, if you are a reader, I encourage you to spend some time (not ALL of your time – like many of US can do) on Pinterest and do a search for “Christmas Decorations”.

I want to challenge you to pick one spot in your home (your mantel, some shelves, a bakers rack)… and create a vignette.  Be sure to take a picture before you take it all down for next year, so you remember how you did it.  Then next year, create another vignette somewhere else in your home.  You’ll get the hang of it and you will love it and be pretty darn proud of yourself.

Here is a way to start (and yes, it can be this simple):
1.  Choose something TALL and place it in the middle of the area you are decorating(maybe an apothecary jar filled with ornaments or pine cones).
2.  Choose two SHORTER items for each side…maybe a stack of books with an ornament placed on it or a candle, maybe a frame with a Christmas picture (from a Christmas card) – OR you could use a MEDIUM and a SHORT item for each side.  Get the picture?
3.  Now, can you set a wreath around the base of the tall item? Can you place greenery around the base of all 3 items?

Here are some examples:

Let’s go through these real quick:

1)  The wreath in the middle is the TALL item, 2 shorter candles (same size on each size).
2)  Chalk board in the middle is the TALL item, candle holders on each side.
3)  Two candles in the middle (TALL item), 2 ornaments (pairs) on each side.
4)  This one is a bit different, but same idea. Wreath in the middle is the TALL item with 2 wreaths on each side.

Notice the “layering” in all of these pictures.

1)  The wreath is hanging on the iron piece.  Notice the greenery that is covering the mantle creating another “layer’.
2)  The “layering” here in this picture is the snowflake stocking hangers in front of the chalkboard.  Then added onto that is the greenery.
3)  The beads are the “layering” piece in this picture.
4)  Lots of layering going on in this vignette!  All of the white ceramic bowls, greenery and stockings.

You got it? Easy peasy.  Now, go create that vignette.
Let me know how it goes!



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  1. such a FABULOUS post! i love it and you have pushed me to go and create!!!!!! thank you for that : ) hope all is well with you and yours and your new bundle of joy!!! sending hugs and love to all! : )

  2. Mandy, thanks so much for those useful tips…okay, now I’m gonna look around and see where I start. 🙂

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