Craft Night – Fall Wreath


We had such a good time making Fall Wreaths on Craft Night.  It’s so interesting to see how everyone can use the same materials and they all come out looking so different!

Aren’t they great?

I had everyone bring their own glue gun.  My friend Judy (who is a hoot) pulled this out of her craft box…

Now is this the scariest glue gun you ever did see? I’m tellin’ ya, this gun could glue!!!

Everyone has reported back that their wreaths are up and they are receiving lots of compliments!  People have thought that they BOUGHT the flowers and glued them on.  Boy are they surprised when they hear that they were made.  If only they knew how easy they were.

I ended up making two wreaths.  Here is the 1st one…

and here is the 2nd one…

I ended up giving the 1st one that I made to my wonderful Mother-in-law who I love dearly.  She lives in a retirement home and everyone has something hanging on their front door.  She hadn’t purchased a fall wreath to replace her spring/summer one so it was perfect timing.  When I picked her up today for an eye appointment it was hanging on her door.  She is so proud of it.  Definitely made me smile.

We are definitely blessed with a gift from God to create and be inspired by one another.

♥ Yay for us!♥

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  1. Your wreath turned out beautifully and your story just cracked me up! 🙂

  2. All of the wreaths are beautiful! I love crafting get-togethers! And it’s so much fun to see how differently everyone’s turn out 🙂

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