Christmas Gifts and Ornaments for $10 or Less – Blog Hop #1 Has Begun!

Are you all ready for a Christmas Blog Hop?  Blog Hop you say?  You want to know the difference between a linky party and a blog hop? (If you don’t know what it is, don’t feel bad, I just learned the difference a few weeks ago).

A Link Party:  when you join a linky party and you share your project, it gets posted only on the blog that you shared/linked it to.

A Blog Hop:  when you join a blog hop, and you share your project, it automatically gets posted on all of the blogs that have joined the blog hop.

I’m teaming up with Bonnie from A Wee Meenit to bring you The Christmas Gift and Ornaments Under $10 or Less Blog Hop!   Bonnie is a very talented lady and I’m so excited to be part of this party with her!

Bonnie from A Wee Meenit

So, when you link up your gift or ornament (has to be $10 or less) it will show up on Project Queen and A Wee Meenit.  Not bad huh?

This party will run from November 10-December 10.  A new party will begin every Wednesday and will end the following Monday.  Bonnie and I will choose our favorite project for that week.  The 2 projects that are chosen will be highlighted on both of or blogs.

Here are the rules:
1.  No Etsy shops or business giveaways.
2.  Please only link up handmade ORNAMENTS or a handmade GIFT you would give someone for Christmas that would cost $10 or less.
3.  Please visit two others who have linked up.
4.  Please, please cut and paste the button for this party somewhere IN YOUR POST.

Before we get this party started, I asked Bonnie from A Wee Meenit  to show us what she made for under $10.

“Take it away Bonnie!”

So for my Christmas gift of under $10 I decided to make a pillow.

I know there have been tons of tutorials out there in blog-land for these, but I never had enough guts to try it myself!

But it’s a very inexpensive way to make a gift, it is recycling something, and it is personally made. Win, win, right? First I bought an old pillow from Goodwill and took out the stuffing. it was $.75!
Then I headed over to the sweater section. I found a ton of Cable knit sweaters, and some were really fun, bright shades. I am going to do something different with those. But for this project I bought a couple off white and 2 reds. One of the reds has a big snowflake in the middle, so that will be going in with my Christmas decor. This sweater was just $3.
After I washed the sweater, I turned it inside out, so you can see the rows better for where to cut.
I first cut the sleeves off, I plan on making a vase cover with these. I did not use the old pillow as a pattern, as I just wanted to make it a tad longer than the height. Now I am NO expert or an even an experienced sewer. I had not sewn since 8th grade up until last month!! So this is B.A.S.I.C sewing. Straight lines. I went back later and cut my ends closer to the seams, but it was easier to sew with a lot of edge, as some times you do need a good grip on the sweater to steer it straight.
I left a little opening, large enough for my hand to go thru and stuffed it with the old pillow stuffing. I wanted it pretty full, so just make sure you start forming the bottom first and get it in the corners and then the center a little fuller.
I love the cable knit look!! I want to make everyone one of these for the Holidays! They really are sew easy! (get it, sew easy?)
And there you have it. One down, 40 more to make! Be sure to link up to our Christmas gift and ornaments for under $10 blog hop. We will each be choosing a favorite of the week!
Thanks so much Bonnie!
Amazing huh? I gotta get to the thrift store and get some cable knits before all of you run out there and get them all :-).
Now, it’s my turn! Here is my gift for less than $10.
One of my MOST favorite traditions during the holiday season is baking yummy cookies and whipping up a batch of my special toffee, wrapping it in something festive and giving it to friends and neighbors. This year, I’ve decided that I’m going to honor my friends who are trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. For them, I’m making a gift that is CALORIE FREE. Not too exciting you say? Well, wait until you see this.

Here is the equation:


COST = $3.50

Can you guess?

Any ideas?




Keep going…

Pretty darn cute huh?

Most plants will need some sort of drainage. The good thing about succulents is they don’t need a whole lot of water and they don’t need a whole lot of drainage – so no worries about holes in the bottom of the pot. Another good thing about succulents? It’s hard to kill them!

1. Attach your candle stick holder to the pot with a high strength 5 minute (or quick dry) Epoxy. I purchased mine at Michael’s.
2. Plant your succulent.

That’s it folks!!! An easy and healthy Christmas gift for under $10.

How cute would this be sitting in a kitchen window?

We can’t wait to see what you share with us!!!

Let’s get this party started…

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  1. This is going to be fun! Thanks for hostessing!

  2. What a fun party idea! I can’t wait to see what everyone links up. Both your ideas are so cool (and cheap yeah!!) I have a couple sweaters that would be perfect for pillows – then I’d have more room in my closet, too. 🙂 And I’ve always wanted to try succulents and your pot is so dang cute!

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