Christmas Kitty

The tree is all decorated and so far so good… Tux has not gotten INTO it… he does hang out UNDER it though.  You can see the reason I didn’t get to decorate the tree last year if you click HERE.

Here it is with no kitty and no gifts under it.  The gifts are all purchased, I’ll have to take a day and wrap, wrap, wrap.  It’s supposed to rain on Wednesday so I’m thinking that will be a good day to turn on some Christmas music and pretend it’s snowing outside :-).

Did you notice the wonky star on top? This tree has a pathetic little “nub”!  I get it straight and then I put the ladder away and look back up and it’s crooked again!!! Guess what? It’s gonna stay that way.  I told my family not to look at it and I don’t want to talk about it.  If they want to get the ladder out every 10 minutes AND THEN PUT IT AWAY.  Go for it.

Here’s a few up close and personals…just because.

I purchased these icicles a few years ago at Costco.  They are glass and they are beautiful on the tree!  They just sparkle…of course a picture never does the “sparkle” part justice.

Tux has decided he’s going to be a good boy this year with the tree.

He is so big this year that I think if he did try to climb up into it, he would knock it right over!

BUT, guess what he has done TWICE this week?

He’s brought mice into the house!  Thursday night I heard him come in the doggie door, and out of the corner of my eye I saw him go around the corner.  I thought he had something in his mouth, but I couldn’t tell… next thing you know my daughter comes screaming out of her room (she is the one that rescued Tux as a tiny kitten…less than 1 lb!) that there was a mouse on her curtain!  It took my husband almost an hour to catch the mouse (it ended up being a Norwegian Rat…at least they are kinda cute) and turn it loose outside.  Tux and Mia both helped round it up.

Then last night, he came in, went straight under the tree and plopped a live mouse down.  Then chased it all over having a great time.  He seriously thinks these little guys are toys.  He is bringing us Christmas gifts! ha!  My husband is getting very good at catching these little critters and tossing them out front….ALIVE.  My daughter would freak if he killed them.  Ugh.

I have to say that Tux keeps our lives very interesting.

It’s a good thing he’s cute.

Come on back tomorrow evening…I’ll have Highlights posted from “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able” Link Party #12… and another new party will begin….

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  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww could never be mad at that face!!!!! what a character! what a sweet heart! what a love!!!! thanks for sharing the smile…i have had a lot of “doxie breakage” in my house! lol!!!! hugs to you and tons of hugs to tux!!!! : )

  2. Love the tree. What a beauty, so dramatic. I’m making the lentil soup, again, at Mutti’s request, definitely a hit. Thanks for that. Miss you. Love you. Your faithful reader, M

  3. Oh, your tree is just magnificent…and I’ll bet it is even prettier in person!

  4. Cameras never do decorating any justice. Your tree looks lovely! Eeek , if I had a rat or a mice in my house I’d be up in the tree!!!

  5. Wait until tux brings a snake in the door bet you get rid of the door. We cant have one too much wild life is brought in.

  6. Oh, mercy! How cute is your kitty! I love him!

  7. What a beautiful tree! We can’t decorate the bottom third of our tree because of our kitties. I think your kitty needs to come give ours some lessons in self control! Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Michaela @

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