GeoCaching – The Best Children’s Treasure Hunt!

I hope everyone is having a great summer.

Yesterday, I was looking at the calendar and then looking at my summer bucket list… wait, where did the summer go?? I have way too many things to do on my list and only a month left!!!

I am a mom on a mission.

No matter what,

I am finishing that list!! 🙂

One of the things on our list was to try Geocaching. I had heard about it awhile back and knew it sounded like something my boys might enjoy.  For those of you who have never heard of geocaching, it’s like a treasure hunt, using map coordinates.  I logged on to  the Geocaching website, signed up, clicked on our city, and chose our first “hunt” that we wanted to participate in – we picked the “Anniversary Cache”.   I grabbed the GPS, and we were off to find treasure!

The boys and I found our first geocache pretty easily (now looking back we must have looked pretty silly running around a church parking lot holding the GPS and going in every different direction!).  When we located the treasure “spot” (which was a bird house),  I don’t know who was more excited the boys or me to see what was inside.


Our “cache” as they are called, had a log (we got to journal that we were there) and a “treasure box”.

There were several trinkets in the box and my oldest son was thrilled to get a cool vintage gum trap – he loved it!

The boys were excited to leave a special treasure that we had purchased at the dollar store in the treasure box for the next geocache player to choose.

 My kids had the best time and my oldest son is already planning our next hunt!

I have to admit I had a great time too.

Happy boys and a treasure hunt – now that is a good day!

Thanks Mandy for having  me!

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  1. I’ve letterboxed with my kids but never heard of geocaching – they sound similar and I’ll have to check this out! Thanks for sharing the idea for summer fun!

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