Thrifting and What Is This?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  My Christmas boxes are down (hubby counted them…16!)

I woke up this morning at 2:30am.  A million projects going through my mind (and of course I’m blogging all of it in my head…does anyone else do this???), finally got up at 4:45am!

I have so many projects going on.  Decorating, making a new bulletin board for over my desk, spray painting a bazillion things, finishing up the grout in the bathroom, making curtains for the bathroom and laundry room, AND painting the new buffet that we are making into a media center.  PLUS, working on a customer’s chalk board and a shelf..I don’t have time to sleep!!!!

Now that I have my disclaimer out there, you know why I’m a crazy person :-).

I had a great thrift day on Friday!

Good stuff huh?
I’m loving my frames!

My little file box that I will spray paint black.

I’m obsessed with these sconces.  I need to stop.

Book Ends!

I love the colors in this plate.  The green is perfect.
My plan? A big “W” on it!

A customer needed a 24×36 frame made before Christmas.
I found this 24×44 frame thinking, if it’s too big I have the perfect spot for it.
Well, it was perfect for her too. Darn.

My little Christmas tree $3.95.  It spins and plays, “I Wish You A Merry Christmas”

Here is MY FIND!!!! This silver punch bowl is HUGE!!!!!

Weighs about 10 lbs.  They had just brought it out and I snagged it.
Everyone in line was jealous :-).
Of course, that made the deal even sweeeeeter.

Grape leaves up close.

Ladle came with it.

Yup, that was the price.

Here is the question.  What the heck are these?

This sets on the top of the bowl.
I’m thinking it holds bottles so you can use the punch bowl as an ice bucket?
Anyone know?


A Thrifting We Will Go!

What is a person supposed to do when they are waiting for a baby to arrive?


I’m in Sacramento with my step-daughter waiting for my grandson to come into the world.  Out we went this morning (contractions and all) and headed to the thrift stores.  There are a TON here!  It was very surprising to see how many were open on a Sunday.

Here are my finds:

Lots of good finds

I was on a mission for candlesticks!

Great frames for my wall gallery that I’m working on.

Happy Halloween sign that was .43 cents!

I’m picturing these black and distressed!

These little dessert plates are going to be my Christmas gifts this year.  Add some homemade brownies or cookies, wrap in some cellophane….done!  People love to receive these because they can be re-used for serving, re-gifting or just setting out on the kitchen cabinet with fruit or a little what-not.  Add a dome (which I had NO luck finding today)…ADORABLE.

Plate .49 cents
Candle stick $1.00


If “we” don’t have a baby tonight, we are visiting thrift stores on the OTHER side of town tomorrow!  I’m on a hunt for more wooden, chunky candlesticks and domes. The hunt is on!!!! Wish me luck.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow night for Highlights from Linky Party #6!  We had GREAT linkups this week!