Skinny Cocktail Recipes

Hey everyone!!! I’m sitting in the Admiral’s Club (thank goodness for hubby’s “work perks”) killing time until our international flight takes off in 2 more hours… so what better way than to kill some time, but to blog stalk!

I came across a great article on Skinny Alcoholic Beverages.  I don’t know about all of you, but when summer time approaches I find I often indulge (sometimes a little too much… but that will be our little secret) in something icy and cold and preferably a drink with some alcohol present.  My favorite is a Patron Margarita with a Grande Marnier floater on top.

I was shocked to discover that a pint sized margarita can have up to 800 calories in it (that doesn’t even count the Grande Marnier!)  What about a Long Island Ice Tea?  Yikes- 1,043 calories and 58 carbohydrates (mostly from sugar).

Every Day Health has a great article and lots of wonderful recipes to make those icy, cold beverages a whole lot lighter on the ol’ calories!  Just a few of them are…

Cinco De Mayo Mango Margarita
180 Calories

Skinny Strawberry Mojito
80 Calories

Bridal Shower Mimosas
120 Calories

These are only a few of the drinks with the recipes being shared.  Y.U.M.

Head on over to Every Day Health and get the
skinny on these wonderful guilt free cocktails.

Let’s go bottoms up without the guilt :-).

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