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Now that my kids are back in school,  it’s time to get creative and find good, healthy snacks or treats to bring in for special occasions.

When I was asked to bring in a special treat for my son’s preschool class, the teacher had one request, “NO CUPCAKES!!” 

She explained to me that the kids take one bite of the frosting and the rest goes straight into the garbage. My mission was to, “Make something cute, that all the kids wanted to eat, that would not end up in the trash!”

My inspiration came from me simply opening the fridge a few weeks ago and finding half eaten Oreo cookies in the fridge.. ( I told you before I get my inspiration in odd places!) .  I went down my “usual suspect’s list” to find that it was my newly turned 4 yr old.  Apparently, he  had decided the Oreo stuffing was the best part but that he would save the actual cookies for his friends at school.

Don’t ask me how he got them without me catching him eating the filling!
It amazes me what a 4 year old boy can get into in 2 minutes!

Anyway, Oreo cookies was it! Perfect size and the kids would love them.  My mission was to make them cute and special!

Here is what you will need:

1 pkg of double stuffed Oreos
1 pkg white dipping chocolate or white almond bark
1 pkg of lollipop sticks (I used popcicle sticks, but lollipop sticks would have been better.  DO NOT use cookie sticks that are shown in the picture because they are too thick).
1 pkg of  sugar decorations and matching sprinkles

Step 1.
Stick the LOLLIPOP STICK into the Oreo cookie.

Step 2.
Melt your white chocolate and dip the cookie in. I let them sit for about 2 min on parchment paper and then put my decorations on each one.

I let them sit for another 15 min and just before the chocolate got too hard, I loaded them with sprinkles.

I then put them in the fridge, let them get nice and solid, and put them in the lollipop bags.

I think they turned out pretty cute and the teacher said they were the cutest snack she has ever seen!  Ok,  she was probably  trying to make me feel good,  but I will take any compliment that comes my way :-).

Do you have any good ideas for special treats or snacks to bring for special occasions??

I would love to hear them!!!

 Take care, everyone.

Thanks Mandy for having me!!!

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