Thank You and Thrift Store Finds


Where in the world did this week go? Does anyone else feel that way? Gosh, I feel like I haven’t gotten anything done…then I have to remember that I DID get Madison’s bed done AND posted (which takes me forever because I’m new at this) AND worked on my chairs that are ALMOST done, which I’m looking forward to showing all of you AND I did get my FIRST Linky Party posted on Tuesday!!!

I owe all of you “linky friends” a HUGE THANK YOU!!!! (I didn’t even have to beg you…too hard!) ha!  Without all of you it would not have been a success!  How do I know it was a success? As of today, there are 86 amazing links! How awesome is that? I’m tellin’ ya, I feel so special this week.  Like, I have lots of people who LIKE me! haha! You know when you are the Mom of a teenager….you don’t always feel so special, ya know?

Don’t forget to link back next Tuesday for the 2nd “Daunting to Do-able Tuesday”.  I’ll also be featuring some of the links. You won’t want to miss it!

I got out for a little bit today and did some thrifting.  Here are some of my amazing finds, two in particular.  Ready?

Look at this little table – I got it for $35 – I couldn’t resist it.

It needs a lot of work.  I couldn’t pass it up…love the details on the legs and around the edges.

Couldn’t pass up this wooden pedestal for $2 and the dome for $1.50.  Think I should fill in the grooves on the plate?

And a cool wooden candlestick ($2)…been seeing all those Punkins (like my kids used to say) sitting on top!
oops, forgot the frame around the pic

Then this cute little empty frame (until I put something in it) :-). I have a plan for a picture wall…on a hunt for some fun frames…got this for $1.50!

Okay, here is the one that I loved so much…when I saw it, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!!!

It’s about 4 feet tall…I have a BIG PLAN to either make it into a chalk board or a huge bulletin board that will go perfect over my desk.

Upclose middle area:

Corner Details:

Cost: $49.95 – I thought it was a steal.  If you have one bigger and cheaper…DON’T TELL ME…mkay?  I live in California…nothing is cheap here.  Even in Fresno.

Looks like my bathroom will be getting finished up this weekend. I’m so excited to get it DONE.  My next big project will be the pantry.  I’ve been scouting all of the pantry organization blog sites trying to get ideas. I’ll see if I can get a picture of my pantry up pretty soon.  I’d love to get some ideas from all you organizing bloggers, cause I need some help.  Probably in more ways than one ….

I’m hoping to have some final bathroom pictures for you on Monday.  Yea!

I pray that all of you have a safe weekend.