My Birthday Surprise!

A few weeks ago I received an
amazing surprise!

I had been whining about not seeing two of our grandchildren
who live in Long Beach (the other 4 live in town).

Guess what???

They surprised me by showing up for my birthday!
It was the best birthday present ever :-).

FYI… I turned the big 5-0.
Might I add I’ve never had a pain in my knee and woke up with pain in my knee!
What’s with that???

The one thing that we wanted to do was get a picture of the boys all together.
Easier said than done.

Here they are.  All 6 of them!
Connor decided he didn’t want to be in the picture.
Dad took him in the house for a short time out
and a good talkin’ to.

I think Tyler was shocked that someone was acting up
and it wasn’t him.

Poor Connor :-(.

Connor is out of his time out, but decided
he still didn’t want to be in the picture.

Connor gets interested in something crawling
behind the pillar.

In the mean time, Tyler decides to be a reindeer.

Now look at my Logi Bear.  He is being the best little guy he can be.
I seriously want to eat that child up.

Alex sits quietly (this is what Alex does pretty much all of the time)
and enjoys his “baby moment” with Owen who pretty much sits quiet all
of the time too (that baby is the BEST and easiest I have ever seen).

Did I tell you I want to eat him up too?
Especially when he smiles.
You could get lost in his dimples.

Alex is the oldest and Owen is the youngest.

Dominic decides there is something under
his fingernail that needs to be
attended to.

Dominic is the “Chatty Cathy” of the bunch.
Lord that child can talk an ear off.
Someday I’m going to miss it when he’s
too cool to talk to his Nana.

Tyler puts on his, “I never do anything wrong” face.
This is the face that does me in.
Seriously, I believe in him.
I know he does no wrong.


Connor is back in the game…

I’m so blessed.