Blowin’ In the Wind

I have absolutely no business writing a post right now because I am CRANKY!!!!

My day started off pretty darned good…typical day.  Alarm goes off, grab my coffee, blog, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get on with my day.

Today was haircut and color day.  When she said, “Are we doing the same thing?” I wanted to shout and say, “No, we are not doing the same thing!!!” – I don’t know what got into me but something just snapped…thankfully not at her though.  I did the same thing. Boring.

As I was leaving I noticed the wind starting to blow… I had plans to go to the shower door place to order my rimless shower door, but then my GPS took me to the OTHER SIDE of town.  We have streets here in Fresno that start on one side of the town, end, and then start up on the other side of town!  Must have been a man who planned the streets…(see, I told you I was cranky).

Okay, by this time the wind is HOWLING!!! At this point, I called the shower door place and yes, they are on the other side of town.  Fine.  I’ll go to Michaels and see if I can get a few goodies that are on sale. I’ll go to the shower door place tomorrow.

Now I just need to say right here and right now (since I’m cranky and being honest) that I SUCK at being thrifty.  I really do.  I try so hard and it just doesn’t work for me.  I use the Michael’s and Joanne’s coupons though! I’m the only person who can go into the Dollar Store to get a few birthday bags and spend $88.  What is with that?  My way of being thrifty is staying home.  If you line up 20 things in front of me I will pick the most expensive one.  Hate it.  I’m not a person to go through all those racks of clothes at Marshalls or Ross.  Just the thought of it makes me want to scream.   BUT, I will go through all the aisles with the home furnishing stuff.  Am I spoiled and too good for it?  No NOT at all.  Trust me, I’m on a budget – saving for retirement.  Two more daughters to get through college and our home isn’t even close to being paid for. BUT, I’m thankful for a home and two daughters who are smart and focused.

SO… got to Michaels and I swear I just wandered around…. nothing caught my fancy, nothing I wanted to make….so I left and went home. It took me FOREVER to get home. All the street lights were out and the traffic was terrible!  So 30 minutes later (what usually is a 10 min. drive) I came home to a very messy front yard – leaves everywhere…but when I took a look in the backyard, this is what greeted me:


Almost 2 hours later it looks like this:

Guess who cleaned it? Yup, yours truly.  It added to the crankiness just a bit.

With that being said….I’m going to take myself a little nap and when I wake up happy and refreshed and perhaps a glass of wine I’m going to do one of my favorite things…go through my party link ups and do some features!

I’ll be back later this evening!  Hopefully, I’ll be a happy girl :-).