A Sad Day To Celebrate

My heart aches for a special woman, my mother-in-law, who treated me like I was her own daughter.   My heart aches for my children who called her Muvie, who baked their favorite chocolate chip cookies, sewed their clothes and loved reading them books when they were children.   My heart aches for my husband who will miss his mother terribly.  She believed in her son and was so proud of what he had accomplished in life.

Constance Read Walter was truly an amazing woman.  A woman who was raised in a very wealthy family.  Who spent her summer’s in Capitola and San Francisco at the Sir Frances Drake Hotel.  A woman who graduated from UC Berkeley.  A woman who married an uneducated farmer’s son against the wishes of her father.  A woman who married for love and not for the acceptance of her family.  A woman who raised 6 children and was a grade school teacher.  A woman who loved her children, encouraged them to be whoever they wanted to be.  She was a woman who never judged and never had a bad thing to say about another human being. A woman with a sense of humor, a woman with the patience of a saint. A woman with wonderful stories and a song or poem always ready to be sung or told.  A woman with a love for animals.  A woman of faith.

Life will go on for us Muvie.  You’re laughter, smile and keds that matched every outfit will be missed.  Our life will never be the same and yet we will go on with re-telling your stories, singing your songs and remembering your smile.  We love you Muvie and know that you are dancing in heaven with the love of your life who has patiently been waiting for you.

Rest in peace Muvie.

Constance Read Walter

March 27, 1922 – January 22, 2012