Is Summer Over Yet?

I know I promised the reveal of Tracie’s room like a month ago!  Life has been crazy.  So much for a quiet, relaxing summer :-).

My summer in a nutshell –

June:  Madison graduated from Cal Poly in June and moved home.  We had some great family time with India (#3 child and her husband, Jeremy, Madison #4 child and Morgan #5 child ). We spent a few days wine tasting in the Paso Robles area.  Morgan was our designated driver.  We had a great time.  Lots of good food and lots of good wine.


Madison – Cal Poly Graduate

Pasogirls3India, Morgan and Madison
Paso Robles

Morgan will be attending school in Santa Barbara.  She decided to look for a job there – went down and interviewed for a job and was hired on the spot!  She found a roommate and moved to Santa Barbara within a 2 week period!  Yes, I was a mess.  I was already having a tough time with the thought of her leaving in August.  I had absolutely NO time to get used to the idea.

July: My mother decided to move to Fresno.  I LOVE having her here.  I spent a week in Bakersfield helping her pack and getting her home on the market (which sold in 1 week).  Spent the next week getting her settled in her new place.  She loves it here.

After my mom’s move, I was really looking forward to our family vacation in San Diego for a week.  While there, Morgan informed us that her roommate had a new boyfriend and he was sleeping over… IN THEIR ROOM.  Ugh.  I guess this is quite common?  I’m sure all of you mother’s totally understand why I FREAKED out.  I headed to Santa Barbara the day after we got home from vacation and spent the week finding Morgan a new place to live.  I’m happy to report that Morgan is living in a safe environment and we are paying up the “ying-yang” for a private room for her.  Santa Barbara rent is crazy!!!!

BeachMission Beach with Logan and Tyler.

August has been just as crazy… we spent some wonderful time with our grandson, Owen, who turned a year old.


Birthday Boy Owen


Owen isn’t sure what the cake is….

owen3He figured it out 🙂

 On top of all this, I was able to finish Tracie’s room and start on a new nursery project which I will be sharing more of.  I’m looking forward to our next 2 week vacation in New Zealand at the end of September.  Counting the days…

I’ll be posting Tracie’s bedroom on Tuesday.

Until then…

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Disappearing Act

I really am ALIVE!!!

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for not being around lately…..

I’ve received several emails from some of you asking if I was okay.


I love having people out in Blog Land watching my back and missing me :-).

I had a friend say to me tonight, “Have I missed some of your posts?”

I thought it was time to check in.

We went on a wonderful 2 week vacation.

London, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, and Budapest.

London – we go every year and it’s my favorite place.

This year, I saw Kate Middleton walking her dog.
YES! I was on a street where there is government housing
so you aren’t allowed to take pictures.
I look up and see a woman walking her dog with a man.
I thought, “Wow, that looks like Kate.”
Then I realized the woman was pregnant…
yup it was her!
Of course, no one was with me and I couldn’t take a picture.
I swear I’m not making it up!!!!

P.S.  She has a very interesting laugh.
That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Berlin – Good (I don’t think I’d go back, but hubby loved it)

Dresden, Germany – OMG!  Want to definitely go back again.

Prague – Disappointing.  Too “touristy” for me.

Budapest – LOVED.  Definitely go back again.


Came home and had carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.

I had the same surgery on my right hand 3 years ago.

So thankful I don’t have a 3rd or I would need surgery on that one too!

So there you go….

Thank you to the thoughtful women out there for checking on me!

Friday I have stitches removed so I’m hoping to get the

“Go Ahead”

From my doctor.

Until then….

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I love Mother’s Day.

My children hate it.

Did I mention the fact that they have to do what I WANT to do?

Did I mention that sometimes I make them work?

Like plant flowers and stuff?

Yup, I’m a mean motha’ on Mother’s Day :-).

There are some great gift ideas on Etsy.
Man, oh man I love that website.
Almost as much as Pinterest.


These would be so cute sitting in a kitchen window.

Menuete Designs
Each little bird has an initial on it.
Too cute.  These just make me smile :-).

Joy Edwards
What a sweet necklace to give to a mother-in-law.

This personalized chevron charm necklace or key chain is
so darn cute!  I’d like one of these myself…hint, hint, hint
(in case my family actually reads my post).

This would be an awesome gift for the daughter
who lives far away from her mother.

These are adorable for an herb garden in Mom’s kitchen.

What Mom wouldn’t love a picture of her child(ren) on her iphone???

This pillow says it like it is… SO TRUE!

Is your Mom a photographer?
This Etsy shop has a ton of different cameras you can choose from.
These little camera’s blow my mind!

Did I get your Mom’s Gift juices flowing?
Etsy has some great stuff.

Have a wonderful week.

PS I really am a nice Mom

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My Birthday Surprise!

A few weeks ago I received an
amazing surprise!

I had been whining about not seeing two of our grandchildren
who live in Long Beach (the other 4 live in town).

Guess what???

They surprised me by showing up for my birthday!
It was the best birthday present ever :-).

FYI… I turned the big 5-0.
Might I add I’ve never had a pain in my knee and woke up with pain in my knee!
What’s with that???

The one thing that we wanted to do was get a picture of the boys all together.
Easier said than done.

Here they are.  All 6 of them!
Connor decided he didn’t want to be in the picture.
Dad took him in the house for a short time out
and a good talkin’ to.

I think Tyler was shocked that someone was acting up
and it wasn’t him.

Poor Connor :-(.

Connor is out of his time out, but decided
he still didn’t want to be in the picture.

Connor gets interested in something crawling
behind the pillar.

In the mean time, Tyler decides to be a reindeer.

Now look at my Logi Bear.  He is being the best little guy he can be.
I seriously want to eat that child up.

Alex sits quietly (this is what Alex does pretty much all of the time)
and enjoys his “baby moment” with Owen who pretty much sits quiet all
of the time too (that baby is the BEST and easiest I have ever seen).

Did I tell you I want to eat him up too?
Especially when he smiles.
You could get lost in his dimples.

Alex is the oldest and Owen is the youngest.

Dominic decides there is something under
his fingernail that needs to be
attended to.

Dominic is the “Chatty Cathy” of the bunch.
Lord that child can talk an ear off.
Someday I’m going to miss it when he’s
too cool to talk to his Nana.

Tyler puts on his, “I never do anything wrong” face.
This is the face that does me in.
Seriously, I believe in him.
I know he does no wrong.


Connor is back in the game…

I’m so blessed.


Shades Of Light – Amazing Lighting

Recently, I happened to see an advertisement that caught my eye called “Shades of Light“.

I clicked on it and WOWZERS!!!

What a pleasant and amazing surprise to see the assortment and unusual selection of lighting!

Have I been under a rock and all of you know about it????

I immediately ordered a catalog to be sent to my home and I got it 3 days later!

I love chandeliers… here are some pretty unusual ones that I wanted to share with you.


Italian Antique Reproduction Acanthus & Tassel Chandelier



De Vine Wood Ball Chandelier


Industrial Cage Work Light Chandelier


Naturally Superior Twig Chandelier


Dripping Crystal Shade Chandelier


Tulip Basket Lantern


Natural Oyster Shell Chandelier


Jute Wrapped Cage Table Lamp


Twisted Root Branch Candlestick Lamp


Quatrefoil Wooden Panel Sconce

Aren’t they amazing????

I have to confess that some of them I wouldn’t put in my home,
but under the right conditions, they would be perfect!

I promise I’m not getting paid for this post :-).

Have a wonderful day!

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A New Year’s Plan

Happy New Year to each and every one of you.

I pray that you are blessed with a healthy, prosperous, content and thankful New Year!

A New Year’s Plan

I tried to think of a clever new phrase—
A slogan to inspire the next 365 days,
A motto to live by this coming new year,
But the catchy words fell flat to my ear.
And then I heard His still small voice
Saying, “Consider this simple, daily choice:
With each new dawn and close of day
Make new your resolve to trust and obey.”

“Don’t look back caught in regret
Or dwell on the sorrow of dreams unmet;
Don’t stare forward anchored by fear,
No, live in this moment, for I am here.”

“I am all you need. Everything. I Am.
You are held secure by my strong hand.
Give me this one thing—your all in all;
Into my grace, let yourself fall.”

So, at last I’m ready; I see the way.
It’s to daily follow, trust, and obey.
I enter the new year armed with a plan,
To give him my everything. All that I am.

–Mary Fairchild


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Summer, Summer, Go Away!

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve had several people say to me, “Are you ‘over’ your blog?”  I have to admit that I have not been posting as much the last few months.  First, I have to say, “No, I’m not ‘over’ the blog”.  Really, I’m not.

When I started the blog (it’s been over a year now) I didn’t have a lot going on in my life (retired mother of adult children) and my grandchildren did not live in town at the time.  I was looking for a way to fill my time and I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of my projects and sharing with my friends, so why not share them on a blog?

Since my grandchildren have moved to Fresno, my life has become very full!  My husband had to listen to me for a few years whine and say, “I just want our children to be little again and do it all over.”  God heard my whining because now I have my adorable, sweet grandson’s living less than 5 miles away from us and I get a “do over”!!! Life is good and I am blessed.

My other issue (well I have a few)…. I hate the heat.  I like to be outside in the crisp fall air and work on my projects.  It gets so hot here in the valley, that it really makes it tough to paint.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a basement (darn) or a cool garage.  I’m ready to clear out our dining room, lay down the tarps and start painting!!!!  PLUS, I’ve been having sciatica pain, which for me, is caused by too much sitting.  I’ve written several posts standing up!

I have completed a few projects, but one isn’t quite finished (my part of the project is).  I’m waiting for the other part of the project to be finished by someone else before I can take a picture and share with you all.

My kitchen cabinets are coming along.  It has been more work than I expected.  I wanted to take a picture and share with all of you after I found the hardware… but I can’t find anything that I like.  So, I will definitely take a picture (without hardware) and show them to you sometime early next week.

The Linky Party “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able” will be returning Tuesday, September 4th! I’ll send out a reminder.

Last week 2 of my grandson’s started school.  I was thrilled to get to see them before they left and wish them a great day!

Alex started 5th grade at a new school and he loves it!
Tracie is relieved.  Changes are scary for a lot of kids and Alex has adjusted nicely.

Ty started Pre-K and is loving it!
He goes Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and complains because he wants to go every day!
His teacher says, “He is very enthusiastic”.

Here I am with the boys.  Logan on the left and Ty on the right.
Ty had a great day at school!
I’m so thankful I get to be part of it.
I don’t want to miss out on a single thing!

Tomorrow I’m finishing up the cabinets and Brandon and my hubby are putting in my baseboards that have needed to be done for over 2 years!!!!

I’m a very patient woman :-).

I hope that everyone has a fabulous weekend!


A New Grandson!

I hope that everyone had a fabulous weekend!

I went with my husband for a work event in Dana Point (close to Laguna and Newport Beach) last week.

It was so nice to escape the 100+ degree weather.

I’m praying summer will be over with VERY soon.

My daughter-in-law was due with our 6th grandson on Sept. 7.  We received a text from our son on Tuesday, that Karen had been admitted to the hospital and she would be having the baby sooner than we thought.

Wednesday, we left for Dana Point, and we anxiously awaited for the call that our grandson had been born.  Little did we know that we would be within a 1/2 an hour drive away from Long Beach when our grandson was born!

Owen Edward Walter was born on
August 15, 2012 at 9:15 a.m.
6 lbs. 10 oz. 20 inches long

Friday we stopped at the hospital to meet this little guy.

Big Brother, Connor was very happy to meet his new baby brother.

Mom and baby are doing great and and Connor is delighted to have his new baby brother at home.

I can’t wait for my next visit to see Owen and Connor!

It’s going to be VERY soon :-).



Escaping the Heat and My Kitchen Cabinets

Hello Everyone!!!

I really haven’t fallen off the face of the earth…. just taking another short road trip and my timing couldn’t have been perfect.  We hit 108 here in Fresno for almost 3 days in a row. Miserable.

My first trip was to see my daughter, Madison in San Luis Obispo.  This is her first summer to spend away from home, stay where she goes to college, and work.  She turned 21 on the 15th.   Her sorority sisters and best friends took her on a “Pub Crawl” in San Luis Obispo.  Apparently, this is tradition.  I didn’t stick around for that one… I made sure she was in good hands and I headed home!

I was home just long enough to go to Physical Therapy (good ol’ sciatica acting up), come home, repack and my hubby and I headed up to beautiful Huntington Lake.

We had a wonderful time.

No TV or computer.

We did have cell phone coverage…

which my hubby took full advantage of….


We spent beautiful, quiet evenings on the boat, just floating….

Mia loves the boat, although, she isn’t a fan of her life jacket.

She has been known to jump in thinking she could chase a duck!

When there aren’t any ducks around…

the boat lulls Mia to sleep.

Changing gears here…

I have started on a huge project… my kitchen cabinets!!!  Here is a little sneak peek….

Yup, I’ve got my work cut out for me.  I’ll keep you updated on this project!

I have a delicious recipe to share with you this week that is AMAZING and Tracie has a great project that she will be sharing on Thursday.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

I’m ready for it to be over with!



The Sunshine Award

Wow! I’m so excited to share with you…

Lori, from Bleak 2 Unique awarded me the Sunshine Award!!!

She made my day!!!!

So here is how the award works. First, you say thanks to the person who gave you the award and link back to them (Thank you Lori from Bleake 2 Unique!). Next, answer the following questions about yourself. Then, choose 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post…remember to let them know you are nominating them. Finally, be sure to copy and paste the award button to your blog.
And the questions are….

1. Favorite color – this is a tough one for me!  I don’t think I have a favorite color because I like so many!  I like to wear browns, greens and navy.  LOVE Fuschia Pink (but wouldn’t want to decorate a room in my home with it) and I love “living” in black, red, green and gold.   Does this mean I’m abnormal??????

2. Favorite animal  – Definitely a cat.  I love that they are so independent.  I don’t feel guilty leaving them and going on vacation!

3. Favorite number – 21

4. Favorite drink – A Dirty Martini with 3 olives please!!!

5. Facebook or Twitter – Facebook – it’s easier for me to understand (and I can keep up with family and friends).  Still not quite understanding Twitter.  I just click on the Twitter button when I post something new… it goes to Twitter Land and from there… I have no clue!

6. Good book or good movie – Definitely a good book.  I can use my own imagination to developing the characters and scenes.

7. My passion –  Making my environment pretty and doing it for others.  As I grow older I have realized my mood is affected by the ambiance of a room.  Nothing is better to me than moving furniture around, painting a wall or a piece of furniture.

8. Giving or getting gifts – Most definitely giving gifts.  I would prefer not to receive them (unless it’s a piece from Mackenzie-Child :-))! I love the challenge of finding the perfect gift for someone, preferably something that they would never buy for themselves.

9. Favorite day – Friday – I allow myself this day for no chores and not feeling guilty!  If I want to sit and watch TV all day long, then that’s what I do.

10. Favorite flower – Hydrangeas – love the deep pink ones.

Here are 10, (out of many more), of my favorite blogs that I am giving the Sunshine award to…