Master Bedroom Update – Vintage Blue, Yellow and White

I’m so excited to FINALLY be showing off Tracie’s bedroom.  She was so surprised and SHE LOVED IT!

Tracie lives with 4 little boys and her husband.  They don’t understand that us women need to have pretty things.  So, for Tracie’s birthday I decided I would re-do her bedroom.

My inspiration was the 2 pictures above the nightstand lamps.  Whenever we are sad, Tracie is known to sing very loudly (and off-key), the song, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” Not only was the saying perfect, but the colors were too.  Happy colors – blue, yellow and white.

Tracie and Brandon live in a rental house (they just bought a new house and are moving in next week!) so I couldn’t paint the walls.  I found 2 nightstands and a dresser and repainted them (you can see here) and made a headboard for her (posted here).

The room turned out so bright and cheerful.  It’s a very happy room :-).


Bedding was purchased from Homegoods
(except the blue pillows were  custom made)
Lamps were purchased from JCPenney on clearance.


Panels and sheers were purchased from Target.
It’s amazing how curtains warm up a room.

Traciesroom2I still need to add a bedskirt.

I blew it and purchased a queen size bedskirt on accident (it’s a king size bed).
I will add that once they are in their new house… and we will also get to paint!