Vintage Blue Table Reveal

My daughter, Madison, needed a table in her new apartment, but it had to be small.  I looked and looked and looked.  FINALLY, found a really cute table with 4 chairs at a thrift store.  The chairs had rusch in them.  Only 1 of the chairs was in “sitting” shape.   The others were falling apart.  The seats had definitely seen better days.  The table was in beautiful shape and came with 2 leaves.  I couldn’t resist and paid $150 for it.  Probably a little on the high side, but it was perfect and I was running out of time.  Madison wanted me to paint it and distress it in her favorite color, vintage blue, so I knew I’d better get a move on!  (I also found her an amazing headboard and foot board…more on that one later).

Here is one of the chairs.  This is the one that was in good shape.

Cutting the rusch out with a Fat Boy knife.  Love these things!

Ready to be painted!

I got one picture of the table and now I can’t find the darn thing in my iphoto!!! Ugh.  The table looks just like the chairs.  That type of wood, same color.  Can you picture it????

I painted the chairs and table with Annie Sloan‘s Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint.  I distressed it and then added Annie Sloan’s Clear Wax.  I would have loved to have used the dark wax on this, but it tends to turn the Duck Egg Blue a greenish color.  Very pretty, but not what Madison wanted.

I DID NOT wax the top of the table.  Instead, I put Minwax Polycrylic on it (be sure to use the water based kind so it won’t yellow).

I wanted it to be tough and resilient to whatever those college kids do on it….I’m not going to think about this….

Next, I cut a template out of cardboard that would fit the top of the chair and then my hubby used the template to cut the seats out of 1/2″ ply wood.

I covered them with a piece of 1 1/2″ foam, 3 pieces of cotton batting and then with a paisley print fabric that Madison had picked out.

Ready to see how it turned out???


What do you think???? Madison loves it and I’m pleased as punch!

Mia and Tux like it too.  Tux looks a bit irritated doesn’t he?

Love the curves….

and the legs…

hey, are we still talkin’ about a table here????

and the top…

After the “photo shoot” (I feel like I can say that since I got my new camera) my hubby and I sat down at the table and had a glass of wine.  Very nice.

I’ve got some other projects I’m working on…Madison’s head and foot board, chairs….the list goes on.  I need more hours in the day!

Can’t wait to show you my thrift store finds!

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for stopping by!

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