Ratan Table Re-Do Tutorial

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A few weeks ago I happened upon (sounds like I’m telling a fairytale) the sweetest little table at the thrift store.  It was in great shape and the price was right…$8! My kind of find.  I’ve been on the hunt for a small table that would fit into our bathroom that I could put a little lamp on.

I get so anxious to get started with all my great finds that I forget to take a before picture!!!  So picture this little table a beige, bleached kind of wood :-).

My first step was to wipe the table down with a soft, damp cloth.  I let it dry and then primed it with Rustoleum’s White 2x Coverage Primer Spray Paint.  I love this stuff.  It’s amazing the difference between the 2x coverage and the regular coverage primer.  I turned it upside down and primed the underside.  A better color of primer (since I was doing black) is the grey primer.  I happened to have the white on hand, so I just used it.

I let it dry a few hours and then I was ready for my black paint.  I used the same brand of paint – Rustoleum’s Black Gloss 2x Coverage.

This comfort grip made by Rustoleum is a MUST HAVE!!! I use it all the time.  My finger doesn’t get sore OR get paint on it!

I sprayed a light coat on the underside of the table, let it dry and sprayed a light second coat.  I turned the table over and did the same thing to the top of the table (1 light coat and allowed it to dry and then applied the 2nd coat).

Here is how it turned out.  I just love it!

Goodness!  A little blurry!!! Sorry about that folks….
and nope…no baseboards yet!


Oh MUCH BETTER.  This is the top view (obviously).  You can see that the rattan is in perfect shape.


Here is the bottom part of the table…again, the rattan is in perfect shape!
Love my kitty?  Garage sale find years ago.  I have two.  The other one is brown.

This was such an easy, quick project.  I LOVE SPRAY PAINT!!! Now to find a little lamp and get my baseboards done.  It’s always something isn’t?  My hubby occasionally says, “So when we are done doing everything in the house, then what are you going to do?”  Isn’t it obvious???? START ALL OVER AGAIN!!! duh…:-).  I swear, I didn’t say that…

See you tomorrow night for Highlights from #8 Link Party – “Turning the Daunting Into the Do-able”.