How To Paint Clay Pots

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

I have a super easy project to show you that I made in just a few hours (mostly paint drying time).

I’ve been seeing these adorable stacked clay plots in Blogland and wanted to make my own version.

Step 1:
I purchased your run of the mill, cheap clay pots from Lowes.  I sanded them a bit and washed them down with water.

Step 2:
I sprayed the pots (and dish it sets in) with an inexpensive gray primer.

Step 3:
Once the primer had dried I sprayed the pots with a Rustoleum (all weather) Black Gloss spray paint.

Step 4:
Once that was dry, I taped the pots off with some painter’s tape.

Step 5:
I painted the white stripes with Martha Stewart’s Paint that I had purchased at Michael’s and applied it with a brush.

Now your ready to put some pretty plants in!

Step 6:
In each pot, you will want to put a brick or two in, in order to make the next pot stand up.

Step 7:
Add your moisture control dirt and plant your plants.

I’m thrilled with the way the project turned out.
I haven’t decided if I’m going to add the house numbers to the largest pot yet.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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