My Thrift Store Herb Box

I was so excited when I found this little PINK box (yes, it was pink) with the handle at our local thrift store.  Price? $2.95, which made it even more exciting!  I had a few other treasures that I had swooped down on (before anyone else could) and put them into the little pink box – very convenient.  I was so proud of myself – I had something to carry my treasures in!  I was pretty devastated a few minutes later when the handle on my cute little box broke and all of my treasures fell to the floor (with a few of them breaking)…. worst part?  When the little box hit the floor it broke into 4 pieces (2 end pieces and 2 side pieces…and I was still holding the handle!).  I was so sad.

After getting all of my broken treasures (including my little pink box) up to the register (I was told I didn’t have to pay for anything, but I did anyway). I started inspecting my little box and I realized it would be very simple to glue it all back together.

With a little wood glue, some clamps, my cameo silhouette, black paint, glaze, and some sandpaper here is my broken little pink $2.95 HERB box!

My goodness I worked hard for this HERB box!

It was worth it…

I’m so happy with the way it turned out.


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