Good Bye White Plastic Chairs

Happy Thursday!  I hope you are doing well and life is good :-).

Thank you so much to all of you who have taken the time to stop by Project Queen and say hello, commented, and complimented me!  I’m really enjoying this creative outlet.  My Mom reminded me the other day of how much I enjoyed writing as a little girl.  I had completely forgotten that I used to write stories and poems.  I feel like I’m coming full circle….I hope you continue to stop by and say hello.  Don’t forget to spread the word about Project Queen!

There really are some amazing blogs out there.  I have a new appreciation for the time that is spent doing this.  You could easily make this a full time job with the research that needs to be done, the learning curve with understanding widgets, links, tags….not to mention learning photography!  This is something I REALLY need to work on.  The quality of my pictures need to be better, okay, okay I’m just going to say it…. THEY STINK!   Looking at new cameras and software….expensive hobby.  Anyway, be patient with me!  The pics will get better!!!  Speaking of pictures, I forget to take them! I will be in the middle of a project and think, “Oh shoot, I forgot to take a picture!”

Ready for the kiddo’s to go back to school?  I filled out my last emergency card for Morgan yesterday.  No more papers, PTA, emergency cards, school pictures.  Kinda sad.  Yet, I’m looking forward to the future and what it has to bring….not just for the kids, but for me and my hubby.  This time last year, I was a mess.  I felt like I was losing my identity.  Who am I going to be if I’m not a mother?  Duh…how about Steve’s wife?  How about a good friend?  How about getting to know who Mandy is and what Mandy wants?  Strange feeling, but I’m on board!

Check out my lawn chairs I painted!  Omgoodness.  I think this is one of my favorite projects because it was so easy, fast and made such a wonderful change to my backyard.  I love instant gratification.


I bought these chairs at Lowes.  They had a lot of different colors, but the colored ones (green, red, yellow) just weren’t the right color tones that I was looking for.  So I bought a putty/beige color and figured I’d just paint them the color I wanted.

This orange one didn’t get painted until later because I couldn’t decide on what color I wanted to paint it.  I didn’t want to paint it black because I have A LOT of black.  Besides, I wanted something bright and colorful in the back yard.  The hubby is opposed to anything pink or purple, and I didn’t want to do blue or brown.

Here are the colors that I used.  The green and red is the RustOleum Plastic spray paint.  This stuff is amazing.  It is SOOO easy and takes one coat and comes in a lot of different colors.  The yellow and orange IS NOT the Plastic Paint.  It is the 2x coverage RustOleum Paint, but works great as long as you apply the RustOleum Plastic Primer first.

Recently, I was in Orchard Supply Hardware and they had a very large selection of colors.  I’ve heard that Ace Hardware does too.

Purchase yourself a spray paint handle.  This one is made by Rustoleum.  They save your finger…I ♥ my Rustoleum spray paint handle.

I’m amazed at how durable the paint has been on these chairs.  They have been sitting in the sun for the past few months and they are still as bright as they were when I painted them.  No fading!  I hose them down all the time.  Love, love, love the way they brighten up our back yard.  So fun! I get compliments on them all the time.  When I say, “Thank you, I painted them.”  The reaction is always, “You painted these????”

Check out these plastic chairs.  Aren’t they amazing?

I found these at Better Living Through Design.  They ONLY cost $1,050!!! What a deal!!!!

Did I inspire you to haul those ugly old white chairs out of the garage or take another look at the lawn chairs that are in your backyard now?

I want to see YOURS!!!  I challenge you to give it a try.  I can’t wait to see the color that you pick!

Don’t forget tomorrow is FRIDAY! Give yourself permission to NOT  DO A SINGLE CHORE, no guilty feelings spending the day doing WHAT YOU want to do.  Perhaps we could call it, “No Guilt Friday” or “No Chore Friday”…. what do ya think????