Glazed Box Beamed Ceiling

My husband has a habit (he calls it a hobby) of purchasing homes downtown and restoring them.

The latest purchase had a beautiful box beam ceiling.  Someone had actually painted it a bright green!  Ugh.  (Sorry, no picture of it.)

Once it was painted white, the beams were lost in the white ceiling.  They looked terrible.  Nothing is worse than seeing layers of paint that has been added over the years.  In order to get rid of all those layers of paint, the beams would have required alot  of labor.  Instead, we decided to add some glaze to them.

Here they are finished.

The boring, white ceiling.

I applied a rich, brown glaze with a brush, being sure to get it into all the grooves and cracks.
I had to do a few back-bends in the process :-).

After brushing on the glaze, I took a rag (I use old t-shirts) and wiped some of the glaze off.

Here I am having a blast… it was so hot!

 Aged and chipped!

I love the results!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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