Fall Wreath – Yarn and Felt

What a gorgeous Saturday we are having here in the Central Valley of California! It’s one of those days that the air feels crisp,with a light breeze, warm in the sun (not hot!) and cool in the shade.  Nice.

I had the pleasure of being invited to a baby shower today for my old trainer(she owns a franchise called Adventure Boot Camp).  When I say “old”, I don’t mean she’s old, I’m talking about when I used to go to her boot camp.  I used to get up Mon-Fri at 5am to exercise.  How in the holy heck did I every do that????? Anyway we have kept in touch over the passed few years.  Her children are 15, 12, and 8…  AND here she is having a baby girl! I’m so excited for her!  She said, “It was planned, but kinda not.” Ya I will let you think about that one.

Tonight I’m hosting a craft night.  We are making wreaths with the yarn and felt.  So easy and fun…my friends are going to hate me about a 1/2 hour into wrapping that yarn around the straw wreath!!! BUT, I have a few bottles of red wine and we will be in each others company :-).

Here is my wreath:

This wreath may look a little familiar to you…I totally copied a wreath that Beth made at Home Stories A-Z.  I loved the colors in her wreath and how she did the white and orange yarn (mine is a smidgen different).  Click HERE for her tutorial.  Very easy and quick once you get the wreath “yarned up!”

Thanks again blog friends for visiting my blog and leaving comments.  I love hearing from you.