Evangel Home Office Phase 1

Thanks to all of you who dug into your pocketbook and donated to
Joyce’s office renovation at the
Evangel Home.


Carrie and I have spent the last two weeks working there and it was an amazing experience!

Joyce is thrilled with her office and we were so excited to show it to her.

You can see the BEFORE pics of Joyce’s office here.

Our first priority for Joyce’s office was lighting.  The only lighting she had was a lamp on her desk.  She did have natural light from a window, but not enough to make her workspace a well lit area to work in!  I don’t know how she did it during the winter.  Fresno gets some really cold, foggy, dreary days.  She must have been sitting in the dark!

Carrie has a friend who is an electrician that was nice enough to install 4 canned lights, a new electrical outlet and a new light in the closet.


Can you see the canned lights?  They made a HUGE difference in the room.
When we asked Joyce what color she would like on the walls, she said, “I can see cool gray or blue in here.”
So gray it was.


The electrician had to go through the wall to “pull” electricity from the light switch.
We had to patch the hole up too!
I’ll show you how it was done in another post.


We replaced the baseboards.


My awesome hubby painted the baseboards.


Shelves were built in the closet so Joyce could store all her goodies.
A tall, 4 drawer file cabinet will go in on the left hand-side of the closet.

Here are some of our thrift store goodies.


This sweet little round table was free.
We found it in the Evangel House donation room.


This is our $7 bench.  I had a vision 🙂


Our $12 chair.
Easy upholstery job!


 Baskets we will paint with spray paint.
They will look fabulous painted gray.

I’ll be back soon to show you more…

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