Cameo Silhouette Subway Sign

The day before we left for vacation, I decided I needed to make a special gift for my BFF ‘s birthday (we were going to be in Spain on her b-day).  Carrie and her husband Jeff were going with us to Europe and I didn’t want to have to pack a subway sign! I didn’t think she would appreciate lugging it home anyway! Can you imagine?

I had been brainstorming this project for a few weeks, and because I was frantically running around at the last minute (getting ready for the trip), I decided I would just wait and make it when I got home… trying not to stress myself out too much lately (I’m failing miserably).

Anyway, Carrie had called the night before and said she was planning on dropping off a few things the following day.  Now that I had the whole project planned out in my head, I decided to make the sign and give it to her when she came by.  Long story short, I finished it about 20 minutes before she arrived!!!!! Oh yea, no stress here…

I had seen this quote on one of her Pinterest Boards and I loved the idea
of putting it on a sign for her to see every morning.
I added the “devotions read”.
Reading her devotions
is an important part of her morning routine.

(Yikes! Sorry for the blurry pic… I told you I was stressin’)

Here is the burlap bow and button I hot glued on for an embellishment.

I had it hanging in our hallway when she arrived and she loved it!
She actually cried.

This was my first subway art that I’ve made.  I had found 2 of these boards (they were not painted) at our local thrift store for $4.95.

Here is what I did:

1.  I sanded the board first and wiped it off until it was clean.
2.  Next, I used my Cameo Silhouette to cut out the quotes.
3.  I cut out the quotes individually, removed the negative backing and layed out how I wanted the quotes to go on the board.
4.  After applying the quotes, I spray painted over the letters with a satin black spray paint.
5.  I allowed it to dry overnight and then removed the letters from the board.
6.  I distressed the stenciled letters a bit and applied a mix of dark/clear wax – I wanted the letters to not be so white, but didn’t want them to be too dark.
7.  I made a big bow with some burlap I had, added a button embellishment and stapled the burlap to the back of the board.

If you look closely you can see a set of eyelets that were already on the board.  I left them there so Carrie could loop the burlap into them if she wanted to hang it differently or at a different height.  She can also remove them if she likes.

What I learned: To choose a font that is a bit larger so the letters show up more once they have been spray painted and removed.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Friend~
So glad you liked your subway sign.

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