Bathroom Demolition

Have you ever had one of those Mondays when you swing your feet out of bed, put them on the ground and it goes down hill from there?  Well, that was MY MONDAY.  I won’t go into details (quite boring), but let’s just say I finally called it “quits” at 1:00pm (I figured I was dangerous at this point).  I was out TRYING to run my errands.  We have this saying in our house, “If you meet 3 a**holes (excuse my language) in one day, you need to go home, look in the mirror and see who the a**hole really is.” TAG, I’m it.  No one moved fast enough, no one could answer my questions, blah, blah, blah.  Once I was home, my day and evening was much better.  Of course, my hubby was out of town and the girls were working.  It was just me, the cat, the dog and my computer.  Life was good!

Today? So far, so good. Of course I haven’t ventured out yet! ha!  But my attitude is different.  Amazing what a quiet day at home and a good night’s sleep can do!

Promised I’d share my Red Letter Weekend….

We have lived in our house for almost 6 years.  Finally, finally the tile on the laundry room floor was taken out and our guest bathroom was gutted!!!! Whooohoooo!  My son-in-law, Brandon, is a construction worker (he is fast and amazing) and does our remodeling.  Tracie (his wife and my step-daughter) came with him AND my 3 grandsons.  It was a crazy construction zone with the noise, the dust and 3 boys in the mix, but it was a good time.  The boys love the pool and it keeps them busy, hungry and exhausted.  They were happy campers.

So here is my lovely bathroom before.  Don’t you just love the mauve??? Remember the mauve and blue in the early 90’s???

I had planned on keeping the cabinet, so I painted it black and was going to distress it (the cabinet was bleached oak).  But then my hubby said, “Just get a new stand-alone vanity.” So now I’m frantically searching for a piece of furniture that will work!

And so it begins… this is my hubby’s hands (sigh).  He loves demolition!  Is there a man out there that doesn’t?  What’s with that???

This was interesting.  See where someone cut the pipe and then added the plastic piping?  Must of had a leak at one time.

Here is the shower pan liner.  No “hot mopping” here!

See where it’s wet under the liner?  Shouldn’t be that way.  Brandon said we were lucky.  Only a little bit of mold.

Low circulation + Poor Lighting + Warm Environment + High Humidity + Damp Area = MOLD!

It’s a done deal!

This is Brandon (taking out the mirror that went up to the ceiling!)  He looks like a guy you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley…but he’s a sweetheart and a wonderful husband and father AND an awesome son-in-law! Had to add “The Joker”, one of his many tattoos.  He drew it himself.  P.S. Brandon is afraid of spiders :-).

Here is the drain that Brandon had to dig out so a new seal could be put back in.


The next step is to prepare for the new tile!  I’ll post that later this week.  It’s a pretty cool process, as we used the Schluter System.

But here is the best part…


My hubby made a run to Costco to pick up a pizza for dinner and this is what he bought me!!!!!

I think I’ll keep him :-).

So excited about my tile pattern that Brandon and I designed.  Coming soon…

Have a GREAT DAY.  Hopefully, you won’t have to go home and look in the mirror!