5 Ways to Reuse Old Doors

By Sommer Poquette for Home Depot


When you look at a door, do you ever wonder how many people have walked through it and who they were? Think of an old farm house and the hardworking farmer that shut and opened the door early in the morning before going out to the barn. If only doors could talk, the history they would reveal!

When I see an old door at a garage sale, antique store, on the side of the road or at a flea market…I wonder. I wonder about where the door came from and the story it might tell. Something about old doors and windows intrigues me. I hate to see them thrown into a landfill. It’s like their story ends, but it doesn’t have to.

I like to give old things a new life-making something vintage into something usable, like making an old door into a chalkboard. If you have an old door or happen upon one while traveling, here are five unique solutions for reusing it and making it not-so-old anymore. Okay, it will still be old, but it will be usable and can continue telling a story-just a new tale, of sorts.


2-1-Photo-Credit-2-Chris-Hoyt-of-LanguaTravel.comPhoto Credits: Chris Hoyt of LanguaTravel.com

2-2-Photo-Credit-Chris-Hoyt-of-LanguaTravel.comPhoto Credits: Chris Hoyt of LanguaTravel.com

  1. Create Raised Bed Planters for Your Garden. If you have old panel doors, you’re in luck for gardening! Chris Hoyt and his wife of Langua Travel used three old 10-panel doors to create 30 separate planters for their raised garden beds. They removed the glass and affixed them to the top of their raised garden beds. What a wonderful way to utilize old doors!


3-Photo-Credit-Blitsy.comPhoto Credit: Blitsy.com

  1. Restore an Old Door! It’s tempting to go buy a new door (and sometimes you have to go that route) but often you can make an old door look fresh again with some good old-fashioned elbow grease. That’s what Meghan Quinones of Blitsy.com did; she used elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint that had a pop of color to give her front door new life. She could have just bought a new door, but her old one was unique and just needed a good scrub, sanding and some fresh paint.


4-Photo-Credit-Sommer-PoquettePhoto Credit: Sommer Poquette

  1. Turn an Old Farm Screen Door Into a Bedroom Mirror. I’m a sucker for anything from a farm house, which is why when I saw this old screen door turned into a mirror, I knew it was meant just for me. That’s what I told my husband anyhow, and now I get to look at it each day in our bedroom. I’m always wondering where it came from and how many times it was slammed or how many children came running through it giggling. Oh the tales I make up!
  1. Kids Play House. Any old door will do when it comes to a child’s play house or tree house. Mark, the co-host of My Fix it Up Life, the show and blog, recommends using old doors for the roof and walls of a child’s play house. Of course, there are challenges with this, depending on the project and the age of the door. He recommends you use a lead test kit for safety because the older the door, the more likely it is to have a coat of lead paint, which can be dangerous to young children. He says the flecked paint looks vintage but may also be poison, so invest in a lead test kit for extra safety.


5-Photo-Credit-EveofReduction.comPhoto Credit: EveofReduction.com

  1. Make an old Door into a Table. Cristin Frank, author of “Living Simple, Free & Happy,” gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to reuse an old door to make a coffee table. She’s also the blogger behind Eve of Reduction, and I asked her why she likes to reuse doors. Cristin says, “I like the furniture in my home to tell a story and have that element of discovery.” She also tells me that it was an economical and resourceful way to furnish her home. I couldn’t agree more! Making something old into something useful gives your home a unique element of style.

If you’re like Cristin and I, you like your home to tell a story, and you’re into saving money while furnishing your home. These five ideas for reusing old doors are just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities are endless! Upcycling, repurposing and making something old into something new is creative and fun! Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to think twice before buying a new door to replace something old and will make you stop and think about that old door you eyed at the flea market. What could you turn that old door into?

Sommer Poquette is a mom blogger who writes about her DIY projects, including upcycling, for Home Depot. If you’re enthusiastic about Sommer’s second-time-around ideas for doors and are also scouting around for a new door, you can visit Home Depot’s website at www.homedepot.com/b/Doors-Windows-Doors/N-5yc1vZas82.

Photo Credits: Noted under each photo and linked within the text where appropriate. If not noted, they’re courtesy of Sommer Poquette.

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Buffet Turned Into an Entertainment Center

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing summer!

It’s been pretty quiet around here.  We took a wonderful Disney Cruise to the Caribbean the last week of June.  That was so much fun!  There were 15 of us and my 6 grandsons had a wonderful time!  I will post pics…. but first I want to show you what I FINALLY finished.

I bought a buffet a few years ago for $120.  It was in beautiful condition – my plan was to paint and sell.  As I was painting it, it dawned on me, “Hey, this would be a great entertainment center”.   I proceeded to paint it in cream and black and put it into our tv room.  (I actually have a tv room now… I was tired of our great room being all about the tv!) Best thing I ever did!

I had our wood finishing guy come out and install piano hinges on the doors and then my husband mounted the tv to the back of the unit (which swivels and pulls out) and there it sat for another year….

I’m not fond of the hot summers here in Fresno…. so I have been trying to work on projects in the house.  Yesterday, I finally decided to finish this project up!  Here it is:


I can’t believe how long I procrastinated finishing this project up.  I had the fabric, staple gun and everything!  Guess how long it took me to put the metal inserts back in and staple the fabric in?  One hour.  That’s it!  One hour!  And I put it off for over a year!  Sheez…. hate it when I do stuff like that.


I used a brand of paint called Caramel Colors (Wisteria and Peppercorn) and the BEST PART? No primer underneath (yay!).  I sanded and sanded, wiped it down  and finished it off with Annie Sloan’s dark wax.


Here it is with the doors folded back and and open.  The TV can be pulled out and swiveled and rotates up and down.

I’m lovin’ it!!!

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Mixing the Old With the New

Hello everyone!  Life has been very, very busy with grandchildren, decorating, painting, and vacationing.  Loving life!  I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, I LOVE BEING IN MY 50’s!!!  It’s pretty cool :-).

I apologize for not having posted since January!  Yikes!!!! I have been so busy…. lots of projects to show you.

Here is one that I’m particularly proud of.  I have a new client who wanted me to do something with her mother’s old chairs.  The problem? Her tastes are very modern and she loves animal print.  My thought?  “How in the world am I going to pull this one off?”

Here is the before:




It was amazing how the details in this chair came out once it was painted and distressed.


My client LOVED them!

I thought they looked pretty fabulous in my dining room
up against the red walls.

Pretty exotic looking, don’t you think?

And of course I had my favorite sidekick watching me the whole time…


I hope everyone has a wonderful three day weekend.





Red and Turquoise Baby Girl Nursery

Happy New Year!!!!

I hope that you all had a wonderful  holiday.

We started our December off with a trip to the Cayman Islands.  My hubby has work there every year and I gripe and groan about going because I want SNOW and COLD WEATHER and I want to decorate and sip a hot tottie while gazing at my beautiful Christmas tree!  So every year, I start on my band wagon, I complain about all the gifts that need to be purchased, about packing, about what time our flight leaves…. yup, I’m a real delight to be with…. and he still wants me to go!  BUT, once we get there… I’m in heaven.  Staying at the Ritz Carlton is HARD WORK PEOPLE!!! Do I lie by the pool or on the beach?  Do I have a salad or a sandwich for lunch?  Rum punch or a beer?  Anyone hating me?

But then, I get home and Oh Lord, the craziness and stress kicks in!  I have to say, this year I had all of my gifts purchased before we left.  That helped a lot with the transition from vacation into Christmas mode.  It was a crazy December (hence why I haven’t been posting) but I’m back on board now.

Before Thanksgiving,  I finished decorating a nursery.  I had been wanting to do a room with red and turquoise.   When I was contacted to decorate a nursery for a baby girl I immediately thought… oh good!  This is my chance!!!  Baby Ryan’s Mom, Kelsey was more than excited about the nursery being red and turquoise.


I painted their old crib red.  Love red cribs.


I had the drapes and bedding made.
Home Fabrics has such amazing material.
The red and white material was $7.99/yd.

Kelsey found the dresser on Craig’s List.
It was a laminated Ikea changing table.
I repainted it and added wood knobs
that I painted with polka-dots.
You can see how I did it here.


I painted and used old frames that I found at thrift stores.

The light is from Target that I purchased for $23.00.
I added a small banner and some trim.


I found the carpet at Home Goods for $149.
When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for
Ryan’s room.


Kelsey also found the glider on Craig’s List that I painted and had recovered in the same fabrics
that were used on the bedding.

I made the “Ryan” with canvas, fabric and wooden letters.

Shelves will be mounted above the glider.

I will post a tutorial soon on how I did the canvas letters and the banner.

Have a fabulous week!



Poster Board Christmas Tree

I’m re-posting my Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial from a few years ago because I have had many, many requests for the instructions (which I’m thrilled!).  Yesterday, I blew it and accidently deleted 3 of the emails that had asked me for the tutorial (ugh!).  I’m hoping that you will see this post, and if you do, please send your request again.  I promise I’m not ignoring you!  Just had a senior moment :-).

Hello friends and family!

Forgive me for being absent for so long… just got back into the country on Monday and have been playing a little bit of catch up.  Fall decor is down and boxed up.  Tonight the Christmas decorations will be hauled out of the attic and unpacked.

While I was gone, I received two emails from a fellow blogger demanding that I remove my “Cone Christmas Tree Tutorial” from my blog.  She had posted the instructions 2 years ago (I posted mine last year).  This year she has decided to sell the templates so I  need to remove my instructions.  She believes that she is the ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who has come up with the method of making the template, using the tack/pencil/strip idea.  In my defense, my Mom and I made a Christmas Tree Skirt years ago using this method.  You can also use a piece of yarn or string (similar to a plumb line) and you will get the same outcome.

Since being home, I have received 2 threatening emails from her attorney.  I would love to be as catty, malicious, and ridiculous as my fellow blogger, but after a few days of praying, I’ve decided to take the high road and remove the instructions to making my Cone Christmas Tree.  My blog is not about making money, being the first in blog land to come up with an idea, or compete with other blogs.  I do it for the enjoyment of sharing and meeting other wonderful bloggers.  I just don’t want to be bullied.  My husband was ready to go toe-to-toe with the attorney, fly us to Texas if need be… is it really worth it though?  I mean, seriously?  That’s the world we live in today folks.  I’ve decided to not take part in this behavior.  It feels very freeing and I’m proud of myself!

If you are interested in making your own fun Cone Tree, please email me and I’d be happy to share my version of making them.  Just click on the envelope on the top, right hand-side of the column or click on the frame above that says, “Contact Me”.

I made 2 different sets of christmas trees.  They are so easy and fun!

The above trees are not setting on a candlestick/pedestal.

Here are the ones that I put on candlesticks (pedestals).  The embellishment on the top is a button that I found at Hancock Fabrics.


Challenging you to take the high road today!



It Can Be Done – Painted Laminate Ikea Changing Table

Remember those polka-a-dotted knobs I showed you how to make here?

Remember how I promised that the next post would be the Ikea Changing Table that the knobs went on?

I believe I promised that almost a MONTH AGO!  Ugh.

Well, here it is….

Ikea Changing Table 2

This was an $80 purchase off of Craig’s list.

Of course, I don’t have the before picture
(I never think of taking a before picture – which I need to work on).

Trust me, it was brown and and ugly and had fake knot holes.

I painted the changing table first with KILZ Premium Primer

KILZ® Premium Primer

This stuff is great because it prepares the laminate
to be painted with a latex paint.

PLUS it’s water and soap clean up!

Next, I lightly sanded it with 120 grit sandpaper to smooth the primer’s surface.
I wiped it down really well with a lint free rag and I was ready to paint.

I used a Valspar latex (satin) paint in a beige.  I painted two coats and then distressed it lightly.

My last step was to add 3 coats of Polyacrylic to protect the surface.

This stuff is great.  I use it on projects that have a “high” traffic area.

Next project is the crib.

I promise I will post the crib a whole lot sooner than I posted the changing table.



Red and White Polka Dot Wooden Drawer Knobs

Polkadot Knobs

I’m in the process of working on another nursery.  I re-did an IKEA changing table (will show you soon!) and wanted to make some red and white polka dot knobs. My challenge was what to make the polka dots with… remember, I can’t even draw a straight line!

Polka Dot Knobs2

I found an awesome set of daubers that Martha Stewart makes.

Plaid Craft Martha Stewart Daubers

I purchased mine from Joanne’s, but Walmart and Michael’s has them also.  They are perfect for making polka dots!  With 6 of them in the set you can make different sizes.

Before I decided to make my own knobs, I decided to look around Etsy and get some ideas…. Oh My Goodness, just have to share some of the ones that I came across!  They are adorable!!!


dots2 dots3


knobs7These laundry room knobs are to DIE FOR!!!!!

All of the above knobs are made by LisaEverettDesigns on Etsy. They are ADORABLE and I WANT THEM ALL!!!!

knobs5Too cute – very preppy colors 🙂

LeilasLoft on Etsy

knobs6HobKnobin on Etsy

Did I pique your interest in knobs?????

I could show you a million that I came acrossed and LOVED.

Until next time…

I’m sharing at these great parties that are going on now!

By Stephanie Lynn 

Will Cook For Smiles



Master Bedroom Update – Vintage Blue, Yellow and White

I’m so excited to FINALLY be showing off Tracie’s bedroom.  She was so surprised and SHE LOVED IT!

Tracie lives with 4 little boys and her husband.  They don’t understand that us women need to have pretty things.  So, for Tracie’s birthday I decided I would re-do her bedroom.

My inspiration was the 2 pictures above the nightstand lamps.  Whenever we are sad, Tracie is known to sing very loudly (and off-key), the song, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” Not only was the saying perfect, but the colors were too.  Happy colors – blue, yellow and white.

Tracie and Brandon live in a rental house (they just bought a new house and are moving in next week!) so I couldn’t paint the walls.  I found 2 nightstands and a dresser and repainted them (you can see here) and made a headboard for her (posted here).

The room turned out so bright and cheerful.  It’s a very happy room :-).


Bedding was purchased from Homegoods
(except the blue pillows were  custom made)
Lamps were purchased from JCPenney on clearance.


Panels and sheers were purchased from Target.
It’s amazing how curtains warm up a room.

Traciesroom2I still need to add a bedskirt.

I blew it and purchased a queen size bedskirt on accident (it’s a king size bed).
I will add that once they are in their new house… and we will also get to paint!


How To Make A Tufted Headboard



I have been wanting to make a tufted headboard for so long! I have studied a million different ways  to do it and after brain storming for the last few months,  I decided I was ready to give it a try.

Supplies needed:

1/2-1 inch plywood
1/8-1/4 inch drill bit and drill
2 large sheets of 16 oz. batting
Staple gun
Fabric Buttons Covers
Upholstery Thread
Doll Needle or a long needle of some kind (at least 2″ long)

Here is how I made it – please forgive me for the lack of pictures:

1.  Cut your plywood to the size that you want.  I made this headboard for a king size bed.  The width of a standard king size bed is 76″.  I made my board 82″ W x 48″H.  Be aware that a California king size bed is wider than a standard.

2.  Figure out where you want your buttons to go and drill holes.  I used a 1/4″ drill bit.   I drew a grid on my plywood and where the top lines and the bottom lines intersected is where I drilled my holes for the buttons.

3.  Cover the board with (2) pieces of 16oz batting.

  • Lay the batting out on the floor one layer at a time making sure it is smooth before adding the next layer of batting.
  • Place your headboard on top of your 2 layers of batting.
  • Cut the batting about 5-6″ from the edge of the board.
  • Pulling the batting tight, staple the batting (keeping your staples about 1/2″ apart) 2-3″ from the edge of the board (on the backside).
  • Cut the access batting as close to your staples as possible.

**I use the Surebonder 9600A Heavy Duty Staple Gun hooked up to our compressor and it is amazing!  I purchased mine on Amazon for $25.

4.  Iron your fabric and lay the headboard on top of the fabric.  Cut the fabric about 6″ from the edge of the board.

5.  Pulling your fabric tight, staple the fabric, pulling it over the batting so that it’s covered.  If you choose not to have a clean edge (folding your fabric down before you staple) trim the access fabric.  You don’t want fabric bunching up on the back of your headboard because it won’t lay flush against the wall.

6.    Cover your buttons with fabric.

**I used Dritz Home Button Covers that you cover yourself.  They were so easy to do and looked very professional.  I purchased them at Joanne’s Fabric.


7.  Using upholstery thread and a long needle (I used a doll needle) –

  • Thread the upholstery thread through the needle, pull the thread down to meet the tail and tie a knot (you want the thread to be doubled).  Push your needle through the 1st drilled hole on the back of the headboard.  Hold onto about 6 inches of the thread and staple it to the back of the headboard close to your drilled hole.    Thread the needle through the loop on the back of the button and push the needle back through the front of the headboard (where you just pulled the needle through – guessing where your drilled hole is).   Pull the thread really tight and staple it to the back of the headboard close to your drilled hole.  Now you should have 2 (doubled threads) stapled separately.  Do this with all of the buttons.

6.  I attached 2 Heavy Duty Single Hole D Rings to each side of the back of the headboard (top corners) and I used 2 Hillman Group No Stud Picture Hanging Hook (up to 200lbs)

Yes, I realize this is over-kill but I wanted to make sure that the headboard didn’t fall down!!!!

Once I figured out where my buttons were going to go (this took me forever because there was some math involved…ugh), it literally took me less than an hour to make this headboard.  Cost for supplies came to less than $95!  Try to buy a king sized headboard for that price!

Next post will be the reveal of Tracie’s room.


 Catch a Glimpse Button


Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue and Pure White Dresser and Nightstands

 I hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July!

We celebrated with our grandson’s on the 3rd and headed to Santa Barbara for the weekend.  We needed to escape the heat, and I was missing my little one (my youngest adult child…. who will always be my “little one”) who is living in Santa Barbara now and will begin school there in August.

It was a beautiful weekend – just what we needed!  The 75 degree weather was heaven, even if it was overcast every morning.  I loved every minute of it.  Lots of people though! Holy Cow! Have to say I have never seen the beach that crowded.

I’m back home and wanting to do some show and tell.
I know I haven’t been posting much lately,
but I HAVE been very busy finishing up projects.

Tracie’s birthday was in May and I wanted to do something special for her… so I decided to decorate her room.  She loves the cottage-y/beach-y feel and I wanted her room to be a place that she could escape to and pretend she was in a cottage or a beach house away from four boys! Okay, five, including her hubby!

I picked up an old dresser and 2 night stands for $80 at a local thrift store.  I knew it was perfect for my project.  Big and solid.  Here it is finished.


Notice the missing knob?
Yup, wrong knob in the wrong cubbyhole at Orchard Hardware Supply. Ugh.
When this picture was taken, we were loading up the truck to take it to Tracie’s.
Had to make a pit stop at OSH to get the right crystal knob.


The dresser was yellow before I started.  I had been debating on what 3rd color I was going to use in her room.  It was an easy decision when I started sanding and the yellow popped through.


Here you can see how my colors were layered.  My first coat (no priming) was Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue.  I coated it twice right over the lovely original yellow.  Next, I painted Annie Sloan’s Pure White right over the Duck Egg Blue in the areas that I wanted white.  I let it dry for a day or two, and then I sanded the heck out of it until the Duck Egg Blue started showing through.



Next, I tackled the nightstands and decided to do the opposite colors of the dresser.  I painted the whole night stand Annie Sloan’s Pure White, letting it dry for a day and then I trimmed it out (painting right over the Pure White) with the Duck Egg Blue and sanded it.

I knew that I needed to protect it with something (remember 5 boys live in her house) so I coated everything FIRST with Annie Sloan’s Floor Sealer.  I need to caution you…. it has a yellow tint to it! If you mix blue and yellow…. you get green!  Ugh.  I was sick about it.  So, I sanded everything again and repainted the white and sanded again.  This time around, I used my favorite Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic Protective Finish in clear satin.  It never disappoints!  I applied three coats in between drying time.  It was boy proof :-).


I kept the original hardware and spray painted it with Rust-Oleum’s Specialty Silver Metallic Paint.  After letting the silver dry, I then spray painted a clear coat of Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic Protective Finish on them.

I’m excited to show you how Tracie’s room turned out…

but first I have to post the headboard I made, which I will post this week!

By Stephanie Lynn

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom