Smelly Towel Dilemma

Ugh!!!! I’ve got smelly towels!!!!

This is that time of year that if I use my bath towel MORE than 3 times it gets that MOLDY, MILDEWY, DISGUSTING smell that I feel like IS ON MY SKIN after I towel off.  I have been washing them in SUPER HOT water, they smell fresh when they come out of the dryer…I get out of the shower, dry myself off and…UGH, the smell is back!

Yesterday I was on the hunt for the answer to my “smelly towel” dilemma.   After a few hours of research, I loaded my smelly towels into the washer (follow steps 1-3 below) and hoped for the best.

1.  Wash your towels on the HOTTEST cycle that you can with 2 cups of WHITE VINEGAR.

2.  Wash a 2nd time with detergent.

3.  Dry as usual (with no fabric softener).

And a few more interesting things I found out….

  • DO NOT put any kind of fabric softener into your towels because it decreases the absorbency (I didn’t know this).
  • ALWAYS wash NEW towels with vinegar to get rid of the sizing the manufacturer applies to the cotton.
  • To keep your towels smelling fresh (no more mildew stench)  put a cup of white vinegar in your rinse cycle (if you have a Downey Ball you can put the vinegar in that).  The towels WILL NOT come out smelling like vinegar – the detergent will mask the vinegar smell.

That’s it!!! That’s all it takes.  I tried it and it worked my friends!!!