Halloween Decor

I’m feeling a smidgen of fall in the air! Last night I thought it was at least 9pm because it was dark (it was only 7:30pm) and then this morning I got up around 5am (yes, one of those lovely sleepless nights) and it was cooler outside than in the house…and it smells different. Do you know what I’m talking about? (or do you think I’ve lost my mind?) If I was to “label the smell” I would say it smells like Fall. Now you know what I’m talking about…right? ha!

Today marks the 7 year anniversary of my Father passing away. Here’s to you Dad. I have no idea where the years have gone…seems like just yesterday I said good-bye. Looking forward to seeing you one day again.

On a happier note, our grandson, Tyler, was born 3 years ago today. I’m always amazed how God shuts one door, and opens another. Happy Birthday Ty-Ty!!!

I love Halloween.  It’s such a fun time for kids and it signals the change in seasons….not to mention going through the kid’s “loot bags” and stealing all of their Milk Duds.  They used to hide them from me!!!! Terrible children.

I’ve run across some great Halloween decorations on the internet.  Maybe they will inspire you to decorate this year…maybe they will inspire you to change up the decorations from last year…maybe after your kids go to bed you’ll be going through their loot bags and stealing all the Milk Dudds :-).  You don’t do that do you??  Kitkats? Starbursts? Twix?

You can do something as simple as this – 3 black candles, bag of candy corn and a platter.  Perfect! Except in our house the candy wouldn’t last long…

This is awesome! Love all of the details.  Shelley at The House of Smiths will show you how to put this whole display together.  Thank you Shelley!

Check out these Burlap Wrapped Frames with the Silhouettes…

and these smashed witches’ legs that Craft Lady Lindsay has made.  She has the full tutorial on her blog.  So cute!

Love this little set up for a cocktail party.  Doncha’ love the dry ice, scary wreath and screaming pumpkins?

How simple, easy, cute and clever is this? Missy at Lookie What I Did has a tutorial on Painted House Number Pumpkins!

This is a really a simple, cheap decoration that Robyn from The Pink Peony of LeJardin made for $1! She has a tutorial and print out on her blog.

BOO in apothecary jars! Who would of thought of that??? Chris at Just a Girl  has done a great job decorating her mantel.  She has labeled it “Mantel Madness”. Love it!

Last but not least, I LOVE what Nest of Posies has done to her stairs and entry way.  Check this out…I bet she is a fun Mom.

My kids would have loved this!!! Of course I don’t think they would have come down the stairs at night! ha! If I had stairs in my house I would do this for my grandchildren….all boys. Right up their alley.

Cutest entry way.  I would KILL for that Chalkboard Tray!  Wait till you see a close up of those Halloween pics….

Don’t you love the simpleness of these? Love that orange and black.  She has Halloween print-outs on her blog for free…

Where is my Halloween decorations you ask? In the attic in a box!  Have to get hubby up there very soon.  I still have until October 1st…right?

Finishing up my daughter’s bed today.  Nope,  I’m not having a NO CHORE/NO GUILT FRIDAY….this blog is making me work….and I love every minute of it.

Thanks for stopping by my friends ♥