Halloween Mesh Wreath Tutorial

I’m a lucky Nana because I get the privilege of watching our 10 month old grandson on Wednesdays… it’s now my favorite day of the week :-).  While he napped, I put together my Halloween Mesh Wreath that I have been planning on making for 2 weeks!  Today was the day.

I was planning on hanging my wreath on the front door, but decided to make a vignette in our foyer.  But first, I need to paint the mirror that I want to hang it on (which I got done today and will distress it tomorrow).  Anyway, I just hung the wreath on the kitchen wall to get a picture of it.

This wreath is super easy to make and can be made in an hour.

This is what the bones of the wreath looks like.  You can also find black “Christmas” wreaths that are used for Halloween.  The wires that are poking out are what you will wrap around the mesh.

Begin by scrunching your mesh about 9″ inches from the end.

Beginning in the inner circle of the wreath, tie the first scrunched part of your mesh to the wreath.

After the first scrunch (which was 9″), I went a bit bigger before I made the 2nd scrunch –
I wanted the loop to be  large so the whole wreath would look full.

Here is a close up of how it is tied in.  When tying the mesh, only make one twist with the ties so it’s easy to undo.
Once you have finished the inner ring, then continue to the outside of the wreath and go all the way around.

Here it is with the mesh finished.  Lots of big loops!

Next, I added the Glamor Rope (purchased this at a floral store) which is really fun to work with.
I tied it into where I had tied the mesh.

Now, you are ready to add your bows and embellishments.
These will be tied into the same ties where you attached the mesh.

Below is a great website with a video tutorial showing you how to make a bow.
It’s tough when you’re home alone and trying to make a bow and take a picture of it!!!!
This video makes it very simple.


This weekend I’ll be decorating our fireplace mantel and finishing up the vignette in the entry.

Don’t forget there is a party going on!
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Please Come to My Halloween Party!

Welcome to my 1st Halloween Party! I’m so glad that you could join me!

Halloween for me as a child was always about trick-or-treating.  Back then, (my kids always called it the “olden days”) we talked about what we were going to dress up as and then on Halloween day, we started pulling things out of the closet.  That was it. We didn’t spend money on a costume, we used what we had.  Decorations? We never had decorations for Halloween. We carved a pumpkin.  ONE pumpkin.

I didn’t start decorating for Halloween until the kids were a little bit older (I never thought about decorating for Halloween). We always carved pumpkins and that was THE Halloween decoration.  I remember hanging a “BOO” sign on the front door once, and the kids thought that was the best! I wish now that I had decorated more.  BUT, I have grandchildren.  I’m convinced that God gives us g-children so we can do the things with them that we wish we had done with our kids! So true, huh? For example: My husband once spent 20 minutes (not exaggerating here) opening and shutting the dryer door with our grandson Connor, who is 1 1/2 yrs. Do you think he did that with our kids? No.  He would have told them to leave the dryer door alone.  Those are the amazing things you do with grandchildren…and you actually enjoy it!  Sorry…got off track…

For the passed 5-6 years I have been decorating for Halloween a bit more, besides just that BOO sign on the front door. I have been decorating the fireplace mantel (it’s such a prominent fixture in our living room/great room). You can click here if you would like to see it.  I finally got my Halloween wreath finished (click here)….and I cannot have candy on any fun little dishes sitting around the house, because I will be the only one to eat it.  Buy candy I don’t like you say? ha! There is no candy that I don’t like!

A typical Halloween for us empty nester’s is pretty much 1) turn off all the lights and go out to dinner. 2) Leave a porch light burning, put a big bowl of candy on the porch and go out to dinner. 3) Answer the door (while fighting with the dog to get back and stop barking) and be greeted by OLDER KIDS that have been bussed into our neighborhood.  YUP.  Halloween is not what it used to be… I think because of safety reasons, parents have chosen church activities, parties or visiting neighbors that they know.

How about us empty nester’s throwing a dinner party for grown ups?  I wouldn’t make people wear costumes…BUT they would have to wear either BLACK, ORANGE, GREEN, or PURPLE.  Love, love, love those colors together!

Okay…so let’s pretend…we are going to have a Halloween Party (go with me here folks, it will be FUN!)

Here is the invitation that I put by your front door.

What? You can make it? Oh good.  Looking forward to seeing you!

When you arrive at the party dressed in your finest (black, orange, purple and/or green) you would say, “Oh my, look at her beautiful front porch she has decorated!”

Source: Pottery Barn

Then you would walk through the front door and say, “Oh honey, look at that adorable tree with the bats that are stuck into a pumpkin.”  Isn’t she clever?

Source: Good Housekeeping

and when you saw the stairs… you would shudder…. (it looks too much like your great, great Aunt Gertrude)
Source:  Martha Stewart

When you came around the corner (behind the stairs) into the kitchen you would be speechless, “Ooohhhh, awwwww…..”

You would look to your left and gasp…

because you see the little kitchen nook that I have decorated for the kids.  You are amazed and so delighted with the little nook.  I say, “Oh the children love to have their nice, hot, breakfast in there before school every morning and their snack when they get home.” (hey, this is my party I can play anyway I want to)

I would have some drinks iced down:
in a pumpkin cooler

We would say, “Happy Halloween” and clink glasses with a…

Candy Corn Cocktail

Some people would have the…

non-alcoholic Witches Black Brew

For appetizers we enjoy…

Brain Dip with crackers

Mummy Cheese Ball

Spinach Dip that  looks like a pumpkin!

Source: Our Best Bites
and little Sausage Mummies

Are you ready for dinner?

Please have a seat

For dinner we will be having:
Adam’s Ribs

Graveyard Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Yam Salad

and Eyeball Salad

Still hungry? Oh good!  Please help yourself to:

Coffin Brownies

Candy Corn Cupcakes

Critter Cheesecake

and a big slice of Bat Wing Cake

What’s that? You need to use the restroom? It’s down the hall and to the right.

Did you have a good time at my party? That was the easiest party I’ve ever had…the best part? I didn’t have to clean up afterwards!

Thank you so much for coming!!!!

PS I would love to give credit where credit is due…if you know who the above AMAZING pics belong to, please let me know!





Halloween Wreath

Are you all ready for a weekend? I am!

I ran away for a few days to visit my daughter Madison, who is away at college.  She has a new apartment off campus so it was fun to visit her and do a little decorating (which I will post in another post!) :-).

We had a great time and even included a craft night!  I’ve had a Halloween wreath on my to do list, so I brought the supplies and wah-la…here it is:

So easy to make.

You’ll need:

1 yard of black burlap
Wood letters
Mod Podge  (I used glossy)
Scrapbooking Paper
Styrofoam Wreath
Black Craft Paint

1.  Paint your styrofoam wreath with the black craft paint.
2.  Cut burlap into 2″x 15″ strips and tie around the wreath into a knot.
3.  Push each strip snuggly against each other (making sure your knots line up)
4.  Make felt flowers.  You can view a tutorial HERE.
5.  Hot glue the flowers onto the “knot” part of the burlap that has been tied.
6.  Trace the wooden letters onto the scrapbooking paper and cut them out.
7.  Apply the Mod Podge onto the paper (that you have cut out) with a brush onto the wooden letters.
8.  Apply the Mod Podge  to the top of the paper (this will seal the paper and make glossy if you use the glossy modpodge).
9.  Hot glue the letters onto the wreath (onto the knot part of the burlap that has been tied)

That’s it!  Very easy.



Halloween Decor

I’m feeling a smidgen of fall in the air! Last night I thought it was at least 9pm because it was dark (it was only 7:30pm) and then this morning I got up around 5am (yes, one of those lovely sleepless nights) and it was cooler outside than in the house…and it smells different. Do you know what I’m talking about? (or do you think I’ve lost my mind?) If I was to “label the smell” I would say it smells like Fall. Now you know what I’m talking about…right? ha!

Today marks the 7 year anniversary of my Father passing away. Here’s to you Dad. I have no idea where the years have gone…seems like just yesterday I said good-bye. Looking forward to seeing you one day again.

On a happier note, our grandson, Tyler, was born 3 years ago today. I’m always amazed how God shuts one door, and opens another. Happy Birthday Ty-Ty!!!

I love Halloween.  It’s such a fun time for kids and it signals the change in seasons….not to mention going through the kid’s “loot bags” and stealing all of their Milk Duds.  They used to hide them from me!!!! Terrible children.

I’ve run across some great Halloween decorations on the internet.  Maybe they will inspire you to decorate this year…maybe they will inspire you to change up the decorations from last year…maybe after your kids go to bed you’ll be going through their loot bags and stealing all the Milk Dudds :-).  You don’t do that do you??  Kitkats? Starbursts? Twix?

You can do something as simple as this – 3 black candles, bag of candy corn and a platter.  Perfect! Except in our house the candy wouldn’t last long…

This is awesome! Love all of the details.  Shelley at The House of Smiths will show you how to put this whole display together.  Thank you Shelley!

Check out these Burlap Wrapped Frames with the Silhouettes…

and these smashed witches’ legs that Craft Lady Lindsay has made.  She has the full tutorial on her blog.  So cute!

Love this little set up for a cocktail party.  Doncha’ love the dry ice, scary wreath and screaming pumpkins?

How simple, easy, cute and clever is this? Missy at Lookie What I Did has a tutorial on Painted House Number Pumpkins!

This is a really a simple, cheap decoration that Robyn from The Pink Peony of LeJardin made for $1! She has a tutorial and print out on her blog.

BOO in apothecary jars! Who would of thought of that??? Chris at Just a Girl  has done a great job decorating her mantel.  She has labeled it “Mantel Madness”. Love it!

Last but not least, I LOVE what Nest of Posies has done to her stairs and entry way.  Check this out…I bet she is a fun Mom.

My kids would have loved this!!! Of course I don’t think they would have come down the stairs at night! ha! If I had stairs in my house I would do this for my grandchildren….all boys. Right up their alley.

Cutest entry way.  I would KILL for that Chalkboard Tray!  Wait till you see a close up of those Halloween pics….

Don’t you love the simpleness of these? Love that orange and black.  She has Halloween print-outs on her blog for free…

Where is my Halloween decorations you ask? In the attic in a box!  Have to get hubby up there very soon.  I still have until October 1st…right?

Finishing up my daughter’s bed today.  Nope,  I’m not having a NO CHORE/NO GUILT FRIDAY….this blog is making me work….and I love every minute of it.

Thanks for stopping by my friends ♥