Upholstery Heaven

I have always loved COLOR and TEXTURE and FABRIC.  I could spend hours in a fabric store and be happy just touching all the different fibers, dreaming of the chair I would recover and the headboard and the settee…..the problem you ask?  I DON’T KNOW HOW TO UPHOLSTER!  I’ve been dying to take a class.  I can’t seem to find one offered here in Fresno. They seem to be offered everywhere else, EXCEPT Fresno!  Ugh. I could go to Long Beach and stay at my son’s and d-in-law’s and enjoy my g-son for 6 weeks while  I take a class.  I’m sure they would LOVE that! ha! 🙂

I ran across this blog late, late, last night and I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. The blog is called Fiber and Fire.  It’s run by a mother (Patricia) who lives in Arizona and her daughter (Andrea) who lives in Salt Lake City.  How they coordinate this, I have know idea. But it’s working for them!  I can’t describe any of these pieces more than just plain FREAKING AMAZING!  You can also follow them on Facebook OR you can click on their button on the right hand side of this page (all the way to the bottom) and it will take you straight to their website.

Ready?  I’m tellin’ ya you are going to die and think you’ve gone to heaven also!!!





























Can I just say, “I TOLD  YOU SO!!!!!” Head over to Fiber and Fire and click on the pics. You will be impressed by the detail on these beauties.

If you live in Fresno and know of  a place offering upholstery classes, please contact me.

I’m working diligently on a project.  Can’t wait to show you soooooon!!!

Don’t forget tomorrow is


so get everything done today my friends.  It will be soooo worth it.