A Clean and De-Cluttered House In 30 Days!

Here is my 1st Resolution (well all 30 of them)!!!!  This morning, I actually saw a list like this, but it was 40 Bags in 40 Days.  I apologize, I don’t know the blogger (I was on Pinterest), otherwise I would give her credit for her great idea…GREAT MINDS think alike!

Goal: A Clean And De-Cluttered House/Car in 30 Days!

Day 1 –  Car, Car Console and Glove Compartment

Day 2 –  Coat Closet

Day 3 –  Linen Closet

Day 4 – Girl’s Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets

Day 5 -Guest Bedroom #1 Closet

Day 6 – My Desk Area

Day 7 – My Nightstand Drawers

Day 8 – My Hubby’s Nightstand Drawers

Day 9 – Master Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets

Day 10 – Master Bedroom Closet (Hanging Clothes)

Day 11 – Master Bedroom Closet (dresser, shoes and accessories)

Day 12 – Jewelry Drawer

Day 13 – Formal Dining Room Buffet

Day 14 – Formal Dining Room Hutch

Day 15 –  Entertainment Center

Day 16 – Great Room Magazine Bin

Day 17 – Kitchen Nook Buffet

Day 18 – Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Day 19 – Lower Kitchen Cabinets

Day 20 – Kitchen Drawers

Day 21 – Refrigerator

Day 22 – Pantry

Day 23 – Guest Bedroom #2 Closet

Day 24 –  Guest Bathroom Cabinet

Day 25 – Laundry Room Upper Cabinets

Day 26 – Laundry Room Lower Cabinets

Day 27 – Laundry Room Drawers

Day 28 –  Craft/Sewing Cabinet

Day 29 – TV Room Magazine Bin

Day 30 – My Area of the Garage

So there it is…all in it’s glory…all 30 days…cleaning, decluttering and organizing. Let me tell you, when I’m done with these 30 days I will be doing the happy dance!

Here are a few tips I recently came across that I haven’t seen before:

  1. The One-Year Box. Take all your items that you are unsure about getting rid of (“I might need this someday…”), put them in a box, seal it and date it 1 year in the future. When the date comes, and you still didn’t need to open it to get anything out of it, donate the box WITHOUT OPENING IT. You probably won’t even remember what was in the box.
  2. Keep a list in your planner labeled “Don’t Need It – Don’t Want It.” When you’re out shopping and run across some kind of gadget or other item you want, write it down on the list. This will slow you down long enough to reconsider. Also, seeing the other things on the list that you nearly bought on impulse really helps.
  3. Internalize that your value is not in your “stuff”. It is just “stuff”.  Realize that your value grows when you share your “stuff”. Hoarding is a selfish act.
  4. Have someone else (who you trust!) help you go through things. They don’t have the (sometime’s irrational) emotional attachment that you might have, but can still recognize if something should be kept.

Great ideas, huh? I’ve heard about #4 before,  but I thought I’d put it out there so when my BFF reads it, she’ll get used to the idea and know she will be recruited on Day 10!!!

How about you?  Can you make a 30 day cleaning and decluttering commitment chart?

Here’s a great calendar/planner that will help you declutter!

I bet if you make the chart and get it done in 30 days,

you’ll be doing the happy dance too!!!!